Lc 21

by Peri John

lc nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Sunday 21st of August 2005 12:55:37 PM


joe mac
The photo says it all (alluring, tempting, enticing, seductive, charming, sensual, sexy,) She is beautiful and you captured it all. I love the look of her eyes. This is visceral.

Ken Thalheimer
All elements considered into one, this is one of your best John. Title fits perfectly also

Ript Apart
skin color Harsh shadows, yes but brilliantly captured skin color! She looks nice and chocolaty! Beautiful shot.

John Peri
Well, one has to move in stages Marco, and this was very early on. I agree that some shadows are a little harsh. Unfortunately, it's hard to get the lighting just perfect with a coloured model though. Thanks for your comment.

Christopher Green
Tasteful I do not agree that more of her nipple should be showing. I find this tasteful and sexy as is.

John Peri
Portrait of a shy young lady ... .

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