"Dock of the Bay"

by Tsoi Wilson

dock of the bay seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Sunday 14th of August 2005 01:55:25 AM


Gul Chotrani
You've been busy as usual Wilson... a beauty.

Jason Winshell
trying too hard? First the shot has interesting elements and is technically good. However, I few things don't work in my opinion. Please take my observations constructively. The colors are very nice, but over saturated so as to make the scene unreal. I understand the intent of capturing the drama of the sunset. However I don't think it worked. I see the cement seawall, intentionally or not, as subject of the shot without being interesting (the grass too). The receding perspective doesn't communicate anything. If this is just a personal travel photo, then I'd say I captures the moment well. If your intent was to create a piece of art then I think this is trying too hard and the result is formulaic. Nice job generally.

Rafik Kamel
A nice one Wislon, i like the composition and the light. You really seem to like that scene a lot. IMHO the red light on the left of the frame feels a bit out of place as one of the critques mentioned. Great work.

Lee Jianmin
I would love to walk along the bay. so beautiful.

Howard Dion
Wilson, this is an amazing photo. I gave you a 7 on aesthics but the PN software said I was not allowed to do so becuase you rated one of my images with a 7. So I had to settle for a 6 when I really wanted to give you a 7. I didn't know you rated one of pics with a 7, but now I'll take a look. Really wierd stuff don't you think?

Ken Beilman
I'm not sure why, but I don't like this as much as the others from this series. It might be the composition but I still like it enough to rate an honest 6/6.

Sondra Kicklighter
This is my least favorite of the series. The cement wall catches my eye before the subject. Cheers, Sondra

Mika Yrjola
Not bad at all, the colors kind of form a partial rainbow from left to right; red, green, blue, violet. The person sitting on the beach is also a nice touch. It's a moody image. On the negative side, the composition feels a bit odd and I'd probably edited the red light on the opposite beach off, even though it's a minor detail :)

Paula Grenside
I find the light terrific here, Wilson. Loved it.

Giuseppe Miriello
Hi wilson, i like this image, the light works fine in this long exposure.... the frame is split into two areas of interes... on the right side all ok... on the left side i'd say too black at bottom and i don't get the red light on the house.... probabli closing a little the framing could help onlookers to grasp the relation between lighthouse/sea/night.... (lightouses separate lands from sea and are very useful at night ;-D )... otherwise just fine. cheers.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Very moody and thought provoking. Well balanced, wonderful light and just enough light on the walk to make you squint. Like a painting!

Wilson Tsoi
Appreciate all your feedback, CYRUS: Nice guess. Thanks for such compliments! HOWARD: No matter, Howard. Just glad you like it! JASON: Appreciate your opinion, Jason. All I tried to do here is to let the seawall lead viewer into the image. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. GUL: Thanks, Gul. MIKA: Thanks, Mika. It's an unusual composition, isn't it? The red light was from cars' brake lights from what I recall. RAFIK: Thanks, Rafik. Red light might seem out of place, but at the same time I thought it added interest to image. Anyway it can be easily removed, but I'll leave it as is for now. KEN: I certainly appreciate teh honesty! SONDRA: Thanks. I guess the wall is a love-it-or-hate-it deal. PAULA: Glad you like, Paula. GIUSEPPE: Thanks. So glad to hear from you. Hope you're back and active as before! SPENCER: Thanks, Spencer. JAYME: Very descriptive, Jayme! JAY: Thanks, Jay. Didn't do too much color correction with the forground lawn to the left. I'm sure many different looks can be achieved by tweaking color balance. Do feel free to go for it, sort of like a DYI. ^_^ COLIN: Thanks. Yes, not for everyone, I see. CHERLYN: Glad you like it. Wilson ^_^

Colin Carron
Good light and detail as ever. I agree with Sondra about the composition.

Jay Patel
Excellent exposure balance as always. Did you try some color correction is shadows? Seem like the "highlights" in the shadows have a slight blue cast to it. It is not too bad, but I was just wondering what we can get with different color balance.

Cherlyn .
Beautiful lightings of a beautiful night.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I have just been teaching some of my students about using strong leading lines in their photography! This is a nice example of that concept. I especially like the great cloud whisps!

Wilson Tsoi
"Dock of the Bay," Mukilteo lighthouse & Possession Bay A setting sun over Possession Bay & Mukilteo lighthouse. Best to view "Larger."

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