"As Summer Passes"

by Tsoi Wilson

as summer passes seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Wednesday 10th of August 2005 04:12:25 PM


Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I think that these are my students getting ready for math class in September (they really MUST be the same age that I teach). :-D I love the reflections and the fact that they're all facing you, but not looking at you. Nice shot!!

David McCracken
Contemplation Who's the idiot with the camera?

Just a thought!


Would have liked to have seen the complete reflection. You have cut part of some poor boy's head off!

Jim Kerr
Ah, does this ever bring back memories of 50 years ago, very well photographed.....Jim

Howard Dion
First off, this is a great composition. Second the Monochrome choice adds value, and third this image reflects the Wilson vision. Replace the boys with a windmill and WaLa!!

Linda Keagle
Wilson They are adolescent boys...and so of course, they are thinking..."I wonder what's for lunch?"

Ken Beilman
Love the lighting and tones and nostalgic feel to this one.

Emily Koch
Very neat - I love the reflection portion of the image. Tone and composition are wonderful... Great job!!

Ivan Colman
This could be a cover photo for a CD of a post-modernistic punk band. Well done ! (6/6)

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback, McCRAKY: I'd sure like to see rest of reflection as well, but no time to switch from telephoto+TC combo, (would've missed the shot,) so here it goes. IVAN: Thanks. Must be the hair, isn't it?! LOU ANN: Thanks, Lou Ann. September is sneaking up very quickly BTW. JIM: Thanks, Jim. Glad it does. EMILY: Very glad you like this. KEN: Thanks for your feedback, Ken. LINDA: I like your guess better than David's. ^_^ HOWARD: Thanks for your insightful comment, Howard. Wilson ^_^

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- Boys are so easy. They are either contemplating food or girls, probably in that order! :) It's girls that you have to really pay attention to! :) You never know what they are thinking! Nice capture!

Wilson Tsoi
"As Summer Passes," the boys grow . . . An outing at a local beach. Wonder what they're contemplating . . .

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