by Simon Janosch

beyond seeking critique simon janosch

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Published: Sunday 7th of August 2005 02:31:21 PM


Emily Koch
Beautiful and soft portrait. Nice angle also.

D. L. Stupski
Superb shot. Clarity throughout, beautiful values and nice composition. Striking photo.

Simon Bode
puuuuuh, that s good!

Vladimer Nachkebia
I hate flat toneless skin.. I dont like this portrait... flat and plastic, boring...

Eduard Nikoliqi
6/6 Beautiful!

Bob Kurt
Beautiful portrait!

Igor Vrazic
wow! Superb!

Martin Trygve
Amazing photo. It shows full control in every aspect. WOW..

Gian Marco Marano

Katya Lin
7/7 Beautiful portrait!

Janosch Simon
"Beyond" Please look at the large Version! regards Janosch www.jsfotografie.de

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