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by Keller Alejandro

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Published: Saturday 6th of August 2005 10:31:26 AM


Alejandro Keller
Thanks Manuel, thanks Jim... Jim: I thought this picture qualified as a studio portrait. Details: hot spot (about 60W) on the ceilling and small soft box (TV) as fill light... Being serious. It is not very practic but, I would like to carry a camera with me and make snapshots all the time. There is beauty in what could be described as ordinary moments and I would like to preserve at least some of them... Your comments are very encouraging, I thank you very much for them.

Alejandro Keller
Thanks David I complettely agree with you... It is sometimes difficult to get comments on this kind of snapshots. Your comments are very encouraging. You are very welcome here anytime.

Peace also for you, Alejandro

David Cochran
Hola Alejandro. To me the archive of lives through photography comes from these kind of pictures. Not from fashion, maybe a little bit frome posed pictures, but the esense of humanity is this . Besides, the tonality is very good, the composition is pleasing. peace

Alejandro Keller
Not everybody sits to watch the tv comments?

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