"Nude Diva"

by Simon Janosch

nude diva seeking critique simon janosch

Gallery: BW Portraits

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 4th of August 2005 08:37:49 PM


nice shot!! ,well done, regards

Bjorn Moback
Dear Janosch, This is great! When I look at this portrait, I wonder why I have not threwn all my old traditional cameras away... Scholem aleichem -bjorn

Isaac Madera
I thinks it is very interesting how her left eye shows your reflection on bottom and her right shows your reflection on top..humm?? cool! Wounderful job with the pose & lighting!

Tiina Haasma
beautiful shot ! nice model and good work! best regards !

Illat Jerome
Excellent photo and very strong look 6/6. I'm a fan of your work !!!

Alex Robert
Strong and serious look ! Love it !

Janosch Simon
"Nude Diva" best regards Janosch

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