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Published: Monday 1st of August 2005 09:14:54 PM


Hannu Soini
the story ?Honey oh Dear You ! this Appenzeller is excellent! How a handsome small animal like You can find something like this!?? (Suddenly she was covered with a big shadow from the left - and gone.. Well, Guys look at her now-!? Owl?s Vomitball ? RIP- what can I say more...In the middle of the most tasty moments in life we are torn away...only the inner beauty is seen....

Brandon Hamilton
What are you talking about?

Hannu Soini
. Ok - I help You. There is a general assumption, based on the fact that birds are able to stay concentrated over 6 sec together with the fact that they can count up to 6 or 8. Owls and humans have to be in this catergory in order to survive. It takes less time to read the story above. Being in the hope of not having to present "the same question (Your comment) " to myself, I have merely tried to humanize the abovementioned Bird?s mental capacity. By doing so, I have tried to offer the "nature story", which is the somewhat amusing (?) discussion that might have ocurred between two mice just before the very moment when the other one is eaten by an Owl.....

Hannu Soini
Nature Story The story included..

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