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david agfa scala xico veracruz nikon f mm keller alejandro

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Published: Sunday 31st of July 2005 06:23:08 PM


Vi P
Mysterious :)

Alejandro Keller
Jim: No that it matters, but you can change any rating that you give. Just go to the picture and rate it again. Your rating will be updated, no matter how old it was. It has happen to me that I rate a pictures twice without knowing it and the value was always updated (a small warning comes and then you click OK). It is sometimes interesting to see how your apreciation of an image changes with time.

I really thank you for your visit and your kind words on this and the other images. It has been a pleasure. You will always be welcome... as for the promise, you are not forced to keep it. But it would surelly make me very happy if you do.

BTW, David is very enigmatic. That is him being natural on the picture. There is no need to ask him to pose ;-)

Alejandro Keller
It is fog alright. Xico (Mexico) is a very special place and is cover by fog most of the time. That makes it a known paradise for biologists and an unexplored one for photographers. Most pictures that you take there will look this mysterious... From what I was told, if the fog would not be there, you would see a waterfall behind (I could never see it).

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