"The Delivery"

by Tsoi Wilson

the delivery seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Friday 29th of July 2005 06:44:09 PM


Els Wetting
I never could make this.....first because I don't have the equipment or the skills, second I never go to those kind off games :) Kind regards Els

Howard Dion
I think you should sell these shirts online. I blurred arm bothers me a bit, but that's baseball for you.

Robert Cirillo
This is similar to one I posted a few weeks ago. Only mine was taken at a little league game. http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?topic_id=1481&msg_id=00Cnr5&photo_id=3521868&photo_sel_index=0

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Whoa! Amazing capture. I can hear the announcer making the call! And here's comes the wind up, the deliver, the ball is barreling over the plate like a speeding locomotive, s-t-e-e-r-i-k-e one! (obviously, it's been a long time since I went to a game) :) 1970's/Cincinnati Reds! :) Beautiful capture, I can feel the motion!

Linda Keagle
It's very interesting how the foreshortening of the arm distorts it so.... I like the expression of concentration.

Ken Beilman
Great action shot. Love the bokeh, detail, and how well you managed the highlights. Well done.

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Great capture is right ... love the expression on his face! :-)

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for all your comments . . . ELSE: Thanks. Hey, how about go to a local football (soccer) game, shoot a few, and share them with us. I guess Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, etc. all have teams. It'll be great to see sports from different part of the world! HOWARD: Shirt is wild, isn't it?! I was hoping the blurred arm translates to action/movement. ROBERT: IMHO, the only similarity is the pose of the pitcher. The key differences are the overall shapness of pitcher, background control, and composition. Thanks for commenting. LINDA: Thanks for your insight, Linda. JAYME: Very glad it reminds you of being at the ball game. You'll have to make it to at least one minor-league game. Lots of fun! KEN: Thanks for your feedback. LOU ANN: Thanks, Lou Ann. Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"The delivery," a pitch from Nick Everett AquaSox Nick Allen delivering a pitch during a game against Salem-Kaiser Volcanoes. Frogs won 12-11.

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