"Safe at Second"

by Tsoi Wilson

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Published: Tuesday 26th of July 2005 06:16:13 PM


Andrea Endisch
yes you're right -lol- life is "true"

alexandra rauh
I am amazed how You catch him of the floor and away from the background.

Lee Jianmin
Fantastic Wilson, this was the best sport action I've ever seen.

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Wow ...! Great action shot .

Ken Beilman
Crisp, clear, detailed, and wonderful action. I would have been tempted to gaussian blur the bg a bit but that's my only nit (no rhyme intended).

Andrea Endisch
this is as good as it can get, Wilson, the advertisements in the back make a fantastic bg, dof being just right, I guess these Aquasox will praise you -

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback JIM: Thanks for your comment. JOHN: Very glad a fellow baseball photog likes this. KEN: Thanks, Ken. Sometimes, you got good rhyme . . . I agree with you about the background having shot this wide open with 80-200 f2.8 instead of 300 f2.8. Contemplated about blurring the background, but decided to keep the "unmanipulated" status for the entire AquaSox series for a journalistic value. HOWARD: Thanks for your comment. How? By staying awake for the entire game with both eyes open. ^_^ ANDREA: Thanks, Andrea. If you notice, the flying shortstop coincides with "Funtasia" and the base runner is linked with "Everett Clinic." ANDER: Thank you much for your feedback. Yes, I agree about the d.o.f. I'll have to stick more with a longer focal length next time. STEPHEN: Thanks, Stephen. Now I have to do a search on that song! VIP: Thanks. Appreciate your comment. Wilson ^_^

Linda Keagle
Leapin' Lizard! The DOF works well to minimize the impact of the busy background. You do a great job with these shots, Wilson. Reminds me of when I practiced my phototaking ability with my step-son's Little League team (many moons ago)...I know it's not easy!

Vi P
He was caught in a moment, before smashing his enemy to pieces... Wilson, second page of best rated photos with this picture, wow! Fully deserved, too!!

Ander Insagurbe
Great capture. I think it?s full of action and taken just in the right moment. Good composition, colours,... I like everything. Perhaps just a bit less depth of field? Anyway that doesn?t distract my attention.

John Seward
Excellent in all respects! Nice job, Wilson!

Paula Grenside
I am not a fan of sports shots, Wilson, but find this incredible for how you froze the two players. Really good work.

David McCracken
Enthusiasm... I do not share your love, enthusiasm and passion for this game. However, you do capture some spectacular shots.

Christopher Appoldt
Too frggin' cool, Wilson. Wilson, again, you're spending an awful lot of time at the ballgames....you have an "in" for tickets?

Stephen Forsyth
Superb catch... was Metalica's Don't Tread On Me playing at the time :-) Kung Fu baseball...

Jim Hayes
Another great capture Wilson. JH

Phong Kim
Excellent action shot! Very good work!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wow- What a jump, and what a slide! Another perfectly timed shot! I wouldn't change a thing! Perfect! I just read the details. At F/2, the jumper must have been right above the slider to get them both in the that narrow focus. This makes it even more interesting! And then so sharp for a handheld, amazing!

Daily Photograph
No need to fly to France to capture the tensed features of a Lance Armstrong ...

Sondra Kicklighter
Wilson, outstanding in every way. Cheers, Sondra

Cherlyn .
Very good sports action seris, Wilson & I like this the best as it is funnily lively & full of action excitement.

Marc G.
Never seen a real baseball match for real in my entire life, and I hardly know the rules, so I'm certainly no expert, but this sure looks like an amazing movement and great timing. To me, a cut above the other bb shots in the folder.

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you much folks, CHRISTOPHER: Thanks. Yes, gotta fulfill the assignments so gotta go to games. Tickets? What's that? ^_^ ANDREA: I can't wait for them to change the ads around! ALEXANDRA: Capturing an airborne infielder is a rarity, at least for me. Got to keep at it though. SPENCER: Thanks! CHiPs: Glad you think so. BILIANA: Sure glad you like this! LINDA: Little legue, huh? Now that's real fun! PETER: High five, then low five . . . DAILY PHOTO: True, but it's much more fun to fly . . . McCRACKY: Well put, Mr. Global! PAULA: Thank you for your perspective. JAYME: Thanks, Jayme. It was at f2.8, but at the "shorter 200mm focal length" and at that distance, there was just enough d.o.f. to keep the two in focus. PHONG: Thank you, sir! SONDRA: Glad you like it. CHERLYN: Thanks, I agree. MARC: Again, thanks for your opinion. Wilson ^_^

Mario Villaescusa
great moment!!!!!!

Wim Ipenburg
What a great action......... What a perfect photo........ What a fabulous photographer!

Emmanuel Enyinwa
7/7. Spectacular!!

Howard Dion
Okay, this is a really, really good action shot. How do you do it?

Margaret Woodall-Shark

Tommy Lee
Double Play Great shot, Better if it was a double play with a mid air throw to first. Well, you can't control that :-)

Wilson Tsoi
"Safe at Second," another baseball action . . . Everett AquaSox shortstop Rob Hudson hualing down a high throw while Spokane Indians base runner German Duran (#2) slides in safely at second base. Sox won 4-2.

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