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Published: Tuesday 26th of July 2005 05:50:10 PM


Frank Blanchard
Nice Shot, Wilson I really like the colors and tones. Did you shoot this in RAW format?

Wilson Tsoi
Frank, Very glad you like this. Yes, I had both the D70 and D2X set as NEF + JPG basic for capture with Adobe II for color mode without any in-camera tone or sharpening at the lowest possible ISO.

William Leming
Great I can't say more man. This is a great sports shot, the action the lighting, the DoF. It all matches. Great job, I wonder if there are any scouts out there for you ;-)

Amar Khoday
Nicely timed and cropped Wilson.

Sondra Kicklighter
Thats quite a stretch, nice dof. Sondra

Ken Beilman
Wils Love the tight crop and detail on this one; bokeh is good and I like how you managed the highlights on this one to keep them from being blown out. Well done.

Howard Dion
Nice tight crop and perfect DOF.

William White
I think it's worth a go - take the feet from the other photo and clone them onto the picture with feet missing. It might look better, might not, but It's worth a try.

Wim Ipenburg
6/6 Very sharp "stretch" with interesting blurred background!

Wilson Tsoi
Appreciate your feedback, William. Unfortunately scouts only look for players and not photographers. ^_^

Walter Tatulinski
Good sports action shot Wilson! Regards.

William White
almost Superb! I miss his feet and that makes it look odd. Good though.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback . . . WALTER: Very glad you stopped by! WILLIAM: Thanks. I know what you mean. Unfortunately in an attempt to get close with 300 f2.8 + 1.4 TC, I ended up excluding a bit of the bottom. This is basically as it was captured without cropping. WIM: Thanks for checking this out, Wim. SONDRA: Yes, he has the longest stretch of any AquaSox pitcher that I've seen so far. KEN: Thank you much, Ken. It can get tricky with bright afternoon sun and all white uniform. HOWARD: Thanks for your comment, Howard. AMAR: Always appreciate your feedback. DAILY PHOTO: Danke und Wilkommen! Very good observation. Indeed his angle of stretch matches the angle of the handrails in the background. Wilson ^_^

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- The body form, the streaking background and perfect DOF are wonderful. My only nit pick---- I want to see his other foot!:) Otherwise. your timing is perfect, as usual!

Daily Photograph
Congratulations to the "lucky" handrails in the background. They contribute a good part to the "action".

Marc G.
His left foot, which carries all his weight, is unfortunately out of the frame. Besides that, this would be a very nice shot as well.

Wilson Tsoi
Peter, Jayme, Marc, Thanks for your feedback. Yes, I also wish the foot wasn't cut off. I was hoping to get as shallow d.o.f. as possible to get rid of the distracting background. Unfortunately, the long fixed focal length of 300 + TC + sensor crop factor didn't allow me to include his foot. Here's one with all his body parts, but with shorter focal length thus more d.o.f. which I don't think work as well. I could've cloned in his foot and pitching mound, but wanted to keep the baseball series as non-manipulated for photojouralism value. Appreciate all your insights. Wilson ^_^

Marc G.
In general... For motion images like this, I feel it is better to give the subject a little more breathing space... Cheers.

Wilson Tsoi
Almond Joys got nuts, Mounds don't, Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't . . . ^_^

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
I like the crop ... I think that sacrificing the left foot is okay since the right foot is perfect!!

Wilson Tsoi
"Stretched," Roman Martinez full extension before release Everett AquaSox right handed reliever Roman Martinez in a midst of a pitch. Sox beat Spokane Indians 13-5.

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