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Published: Monday 25th of July 2005 05:22:01 PM


Thomas Collins
Sorry John, But in this occassion I would have to agree with Mr. McCrackennitpicker (name intentionally disguised to protect the innocent). The black area does seem unnatural in the way that it blends with the subject. I would recommend the use of a gradient to gently blend the two elements, giving it depth and a sense of reality. BTW, lovely subject!

David Blair
Mr McCracken, you nitpicker you! :-)Cant help but agree. Can I ask John, it may seem like the stupidist question ever placed, but was the negative space created post scan via photoshop, or pre scan with scissors?

John Peri
Well, that's interesting all, thank you. I favoured this PS solution because there was too much distraction around and I thought it took on a character of it's own. I'll try the gradient that Thomas mentions and see what it gives.

David McCracken
Is it me? John, I am not against negative space. I just feel the negative space to the left in this picture feels unnatural. I would love to see the image before it was doctored. I realise that I may be the only person to nit pick about this. After all, the main subject is very well photographed indeed!

John Peri
Some niti-picking joke-cracker I think, but I don't know who!

David McCracken
Gradient The gradient version is more unnatural but is more appealing. Any idea who Thomas is referring to?

Charles Hartley
I agree, interesting composition for a nude. Nice picture.

John Peri
I don't know if this is what Thomas had in mind?

David Vorland
Very good! Black and white is clearly the choice here. The larger version is even better.

John Peri
Reclining nude ... .

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