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by Peri John

ml nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 24th of July 2005 05:44:31 PM


Arthur Baas

Thomas Collins
Oo-la-la! Very nice John. My best regards to you and the model!

Detlef Klahm
man made and natural curves compliment eachother well...!

John Peri
I sympathize. I saw a nice carpet in of one your baby pics too :-)

Al Li
John One of your best. The curves and lines create a stunning image.

David Blair
This has awesome lines through it John, fantastic shot, really well composed. If you are going to work on it, may I suggest keeping her figure within the boundaries of the carpet for a little more definition. It's a great figure shot as well, try some with her laying her head on her arm, not looking up at you. Well done once again. I'll have to send you some wine so you can keep up this fabulous work. ;-)

Arthur Baas
I like the stairs (without the model t.i.)

John Peri
Thanks Alex.As it stands, I would not categorize this picture as a work of art. However, with the winding staircase and circular motion conveyed, I have some other ideas of what I could try with my next model.

Christian S. Mendes
6/6 Creative composition. An example of a nude work done with a new perspective.

Angel Pena
love it. nice comp, beautiful model. Cheers!

interesting point of view! very good, best regards

Markos George Hionos
Hi,John- i like it ,i like your b&w photos more than the color ones-my opinion-hairetismous.

John Peri
Many thanks Marko. There are various categories of photos posted here. The black and white pictures are dissociated from the "glamour" work which is mostly in colour. I will certainly visit your personal site, thank you. John

John Peri
Winding staircase The pose is far from perfect, but the setting definitely has potential and I shall work on it ...

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