Lily swirls.

by Szulecki Joshua

lily swirls seeking critique szulecki joshua

Gallery: Flowers/Plants/Fungus

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Flower

Published: Friday 22nd of July 2005 11:14:39 PM


Jim McConnell
Nice composition Josh, 6/6

Joshua Szulecki
Lily swirls. A Calla Lily, I do believe. Just as I went to take a picture of this flower, which had been lit in a very spectacular fashion when I shot it a few minutes earlier on film, a cloud passed over. I decided to try out my new Canon 50mm at f1.8, and this was the result. It isn't spectacular, but I love the swirls and with the subdued light the flower only shows a hint of the pink it had been displaying earlier. Let me know what you think.

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