Ml 29

by Peri John

ml nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Friday 22nd of July 2005 08:49:18 PM


Rob Scott
Good point... re: crop

Rob Scott
coloring excellent A bit over-cropped, I think.

John Peri
D70 digital with bounce flash. The cropping (on original) is to bring the gaze down to the left.

John Peri
I'm not too good at that David and admittedly a bit lazy too. Thanks for knocking me on the knuckles :-)

David McCracken
Photoshop! John, I think your model deserves better PS work from you. I know you have accused me of not using it at all, but I think if you are going to use it you should do it properly. I refer the area above her right hand! The rest of the picture is fine!

Marc Aubry
Good job!

Rob Scott
John, post-script. What are you shooting this with? Camera, lens? Natural light?

John Peri
Bathrobe ... She sat down to have some portraits taken ...

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