Ml 28

by Peri John

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Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Thursday 21st of July 2005 10:04:30 PM


Sergio Stinco
Wonderful Hi John This is an amazing Work. I will never forget your kind help. Cheers, Sergiosaurius, the dino man.

Al Li
I like your crop, a very sexy and erotic study.

Nick Wicked
Wonderful I love this shot - it shows how an image which shows some "detail" can be very aesthetically appealing. Strong yet tasteful. Congrats. (PS - I meant to give 7/6, somehow it came out as 6/6 & I can't seem to change it.)

Tammy V.
Confident! Obviously this model is quite confident and proud of her lovely body - congratulations on capturing that special moment.

Marc Aubry
I love this shot - beautiful composition

Rob Scott
Better in color and facing camera John, this model just seems to shine in color and facing camera...

Keyser Soze
She is better in color

David Blair
Love the lighting and softness on this one John. You've got some fantastic photo's of this girl. You both work and gell well together. The leopard skin works perfectly with this shot. Her colourings and skin tones work better in B&W than the colour shot. I was going to say that you've outdone yourself with this photo, but I've out done us all!:-) Congrats. P.S. Please let her know next time you see her that I think she is a goddess!

John Peri
She is possibly, Keyser, but that isn't really the issue. Isn't such a study such as this in principle more "figurative" and hence better in black and white?

Thomas Collins
I love this one John. Natural, relaxed, fun and sexy all wrapped up in one lovely package. You have found the treasure trove! Great treatment here. Anxiously awaiting more! :-)

Christian S. Mendes
6/6 Interesting crop and composition. Very good nude shot.

Felix Diaz
I like the simplicity and graphic nature of this one, plus the contrasting textures of skin and animal fur.

John Peri
Oscillating forms Continued studies with the human form ...

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