"Picked Off"

by Tsoi Wilson

picked off seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 21st of July 2005 03:19:01 AM


Linda Keagle
I envy your abilities, Wilson. The focusing is just perfect!

Frank Melchior
Great job Wilson, awesome facial expression.

Jim Hayes
I gotta ask.... First let me say I love the shot, but I am confused with the angle. Was the base runner caught in a pick-off move? From the shot, it looks like the throw has to be coming from the outfield. Not trying to be a pain, but I shoot a lot of college baseball. Once again, it's a super shot. JH

Wilson Tsoi
PETER: Thanks. I'm sure your neighborhood team can use your service, too. You certainly have what it takes. ^_^ FRANK: Hey, thanks. We sure get that look ourselves every now and then, don't we?! JIM: Thanks for commenting. I'm glad to get feedback from someone who has lots of experience with shooting baseball. Actually, it wasn't a pick-off move from the pitcher, but rather a throw from Volcanoes catcher, Andy Busch to first baseman Willy Thompson (red cap) that caught the runner off base. I was shooting from the first base side just inside the infield at end of visitor's dugout.

Jim Hayes
Thanks Sometimes a great shot like this gets hammered after publishing from the general fan. I asked because this is one of those shots that you see post game that just makes you giddy because you know you have something special. Well done, hang this one on your wall, and when someone asks,,,,,just tell them it was all in a days work.JH

Joe Orsak
Great Shot Wilson. Perfect timing and the DOF is spot on. I would love to have the runners feet completely in teh shot but hey.. that's a nit-pick. Good job.

Ken Beilman
This is a good example of why you got the gig. Well done, Wilson.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
I'm screaming "Safe"! :) It just doesn't get much better than this! Geez...... even the background is wonderful!

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback, JIM: Yep, seems to be the case here especially with sports. Just check out the "sports and action" under "learn" and you'll only see one comment after 10 years of existence! That's okay because I certainly get a kick out of this baseball gig. ^_^ KEN: Thanks for your vote of confidence! JOE: I agree, but was already scrambling to keep up with the play. Had an 80-200 for close range and a 300, sometimes with a TC, for distant players. JAYME: Very glad you like this, Jayme. He actually was tagged out at first though. LINDA: Thanks, Linda! Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
"Caught Stolen," Michael Saunders picked off at first Everett AquaSox Michael Saunders was picked off at first base in bottom of second inning against Salem-Kaiser Volcanoes. AquaSox lost a close one 3-2.

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