"Winning Fashion"

by Tsoi Wilson

winning fashion seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 21st of July 2005 02:54:40 AM


Wilson Tsoi
Jayme, that's awesome. Okay, here's what I found about Louisville Slugger!

Andrea Endisch
"These Americans are crazy" Asterix but what a great shot!

Lionel Dupre
Along with Andrea, and may other friends, we actually did enjoy ourselves with coffee, viennese sweetness of life, indeed. But in the end, I was impatient to come back home: I was missing watching pictures like this one, or any others you post. (From a great fan)

Howard Dion
Wow, I almost missed this one. It doesn't get any better than this. Pretty amazing for being hand held. I'm impressed.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Awe yes, & that bat is huge! A little story! When remodeling our home about 10 years ago, I decided I wanted wooden kitchen countertops. I didn't want just any wood, I wanted OLD wood. So... a carpenter friend of mine contacted some of his friends and they came up with some old poplar wood. This wood had been removed from the old Louisville Slugger plant when it was moved to Indiana a few years prior. The huge boards were used to cover the walls of the bat rooms. (What ever they are). Well anyway. We used some of these boards (they were about 12" wide boards) to make all of my countertops. I love them, very antique furniture look. Well a few years back, Louisville Slugger moved BACK to Louisville. There was this article in the Louisville paper about how the CEO had taken as much of this old lumber as he could find and used it to make a wooden floor in his office. They mostly used the ash & oak woods, but did use a little of the poplar to inlay a baseball diamond in the center of his floor. He stated he sure wished he had been able to locate more of that POPLAR! :) The carpenters & I giggled. I taped the article to the underneath side of my countertops. Too late now, I love my wood tops, they have worm holes and dents, really, really authentic! Just what I wanted! :) Serves them right for trying to make Louisville Slugger in Indiana!

Frank Melchior
You got some nice "boken" with f/2.8, I'll have to get one of those lens. Great shot.

Conni Freestone
What an awful uniform! Great shot though. What time of day were you shooting? What kind of light? I read the details but was curious about these aspects. I'm always looking for better ways to capture baseball. Thank you!

John Seward
Nice Job Great shot Wilson, wish I could do as well. How'd you get the Aqua Sox to put your pics on the team website?

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your comments, HOWARD: I'm very glad that you like this. 300 2.8's are generally quite easy to hand hold. It's the 400 2.8 that pretty much out of the question. JOHN: Thanks. They asked me to shoot for the club after seeing few baseball photos that I took (see my MOST RECENT folder.) LIONEL: Thanks, how flattering! You're too kind. It certainly sounds like a lot of fun strolling down Vienna with a bunch of PNers! Wilson ^_^

Wilson Tsoi
FRANK: Thanks, Frank. It is fun shooting wide open. ANDREA: Thanks. I guess you guys are enjoying yourselves Waltzing down the street, tasting Viennese chololate, and drinking Viennese coffee! CONNI: That's pretty funny. You're not the first one to say it. It's probably one of those love it or hate it thing. I actually prefer shooting the team in these psychedelic jerseys than with the bright white (tough on sunny day,) or dark, dark tops (large contrast against white pants.) Game started at 7:05pm and good part of stadium was under shadow when this was taken. Thanks for checking this out. Wilson ^_^

Ken Beilman
Crisp, clear, and well composed. Well done!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
"Take me out to the ball park", I can't sing!:) But, this image is such a well captured dramatic image it makes me wish I could sing! Wilson- I recently was invited out to eat at our Louisville Cardinal Club. They had large, aprox. 20x30, images of the players in action hanging all over the walls. I spent quite some time just checking out the images. Your images are by far superior! Not only highlighting your technical skills, but that intuitive timing of knowing WHEN to press that button! Super! My only wish is that his entire feet were included, but with a facial expression and body positioning like that, it matters very little if his toes are missing! ^^ :)

Wilson Tsoi
Ken, Jayme, Thanks for your feedback as always. Jayme, what did you do to get invited to a meal at the club? How neat!

Wilson Tsoi
Jayme, that's a very interesting story! Your kitchen now is just about as historic as Louisville Slugger itself, over 100 years of tradition! ^_^

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Mother's day! Brunch by iur daughter/son-in-law is a big fan! Really nice place too!

Wilson Tsoi
"Winning Fashion," Frogstock Tie-Dyed Throwback Day I've been covering the Everett AquaSox (Seattle Mariners' minor league affiliate) these past few weekends, so I thought I'd share some. Here's #23 starting pitcher (RHP) Nick Allen (first to reach 4 wins this year in NWL) sporting "Frogstock" tie-dyed jersey for a "Throwback" promo day. AquaSox won 12- 11.

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