Ml 25

by Peri John

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Gallery: Nude Figure Studies

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Tuesday 19th of July 2005 06:24:45 AM


Mrgud S.M.
Nice lines but something missing here. It looks me flat a little... Maybe you should try to include some dynamic in this image?!

Michael Raddatz
Incredible, seldom seen form. Like your playing it off on her face.

Jim Hutchison
I've never seen a pose like this. Well done.

Marc Aubry
Very good composition

David Blair
I love the way her figure creates this pattern in the shot. This couch, often used, is a wonderfully toned colour for the B&W's, especially with her flawless skin tone. Well posed and shot.

Dave Gardner
John...i absolutely love it!!....forgive me but,,,i can almost feel her skin. I love the shape...and the contrast. Dave

Jason Coleman
Excellent shot This photo just haunts me; I had to come back and leave a comment. Unusual pose, and yet there is nothing strained here -- the shot is relaxed. That rather tricky crop of the face works extremely well. The placid look on the model's face, that near-smile, is wonderful. Like all your work, it is erotic but has the utmost respect for the subject. Was this actually shot in b&w?

John Peri
Jason, I appreciate that comment very much, thank you. I enjoy the critique but I must give credit to the models also which are able to express themselves like this. I guess they know just how much to offer me and I what to accept, but it is they that possess the magic ingredients and they are very generous. No, this was colour film.

Antonio Bassi
A classic, on "John Peri style". The right ankle is a bit rigid, I wonder if putting a black "out-to-be-edited" support under her knee would have helped.

John Peri
My right foot A continued study in form ...

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