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by Peri John

ml nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Monday 18th of July 2005 06:18:05 AM


Al Li
My favorite of this model. Beautiful shot.

Amar Khoday
Somehow the burnt out areas don't bother me much here however. Nice rendering in B&W.

John Peri
Thank you David. To be entirely objective, I should explain that the original (hence the print also) is in colour. Yes, I do print my own photos. As for reflectors David, undoubtedly that would often give better results, but that is simply not my technique which relies more on capturing a moment than in setting up ideal scenarios.

David Blair
I'd like to see how much better the burnt out bits look in print, coz on my monitor they are definately distracting. She doesn't seem as comfortable in this one as with others, but I agree with Alex. She is my favourite of all your subjects. I like the shots you've done using these stairs, but I think they work better on the overcaste days, or place some diffuser outside. Also, and I feel humble in suggesting any techniques to you, instead of bouncing the flash off the roof, try a wall or reflector at the side. Once again though, it is a beautifully toned and exposed photograph. Do you develope and print yourself?

Thomas Collins
Wow! This is most excellent John. Seriously, one of your better. The jury is out on the highlights upon her knees, but the mood, composition and tonal range more then make for a super image. And of course one cannot forget the beauty that just radiates from the subject!

Natasha Barabasha
Excellent, well balanced shot! Great composition and emotion. I also find "capturing the moment" more valuable than "setting up ideal scenarios". Well done!

Natasha Barabasha
Intersting Very interesting scene. Different kind of pose, different kind of surroundings make for dynamic fresh image, thank you! Andrei

Natasha Barabasha
John, I keep coming back to this shot over and over, I do not know what it is about it - the slanted curtains, and growing apart furniture, the stairs, the door, the girl, the look - I love it. She owns the room. This shot also for some reason reminds me of Serge Jaques nudes. And I do like the black and white better then color, this shot is more about her. Natasha

John Peri
WIndow light A few burned out areas with the direct sun rays coming in, but it works ok in print form.

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