Iridium Flash

by shaw gary

iridium flash seeking critique shaw gary

Gallery: Arizona High Country

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Published: Sunday 17th of July 2005 06:48:28 PM


Fernando Olea
Really nice star-trail, I like the forest horizon at the bottom gives the stars a lot more meaning.

gary shaw
gary shaw Hi Naren, I haven't talked to you in a year or so. I shot the photo using Fuji Provia 100. We get that funny Vigrette effect a lot here in high altitude, 7000+ feet . It's got something to do with the density of the atmosphere as it cools and warms. Sometimes during the day the color will fall off from west to east. But for the clarity of of the air let it vigrette! Thanks for the nice comment, it's good for an old mans ego!

Wolfgang Plautz
shooting star Hi Gary, I think thats not an iridium flare (I saw many of them), must be brighter. This was propably a shooting star. Check: for iridium prediction (pretty cool site).

gary shaw
gary shaw I've photographed hundreds of meteors and this definently is no meteor, I think i'll go with the astronomers wisdom. Thanks for the comment.

naren wilks
I love this image, but if anything I'd say it would be nice to see the bottom of the trees. The vignetting around the edges really works! what film did you use?

gary shaw
Iridium Flash I noticed a strange anomaly in the left lower quadrant of this star trails shot and was rather at a loss as to what it was. I consulted with are local astronomy experts, Lowell Observatory, they feel its an Iridium Flash caused by the sun reflecting off of a Communication Satellites Iridium Solar Collectors. I just felt it was unual enough to share with the photographic world. thanks for looking.

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