Ml 21

by Peri John

ml nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Sunday 17th of July 2005 04:33:50 PM


Michael Sebastian
d'accord! Nice tones, like timeworn color film, very pleasing. Looks like the bevels in the wall behind her head are distorted a bit, and I think ditto for her head. Nevertheless, she has attractiveness enough to overcome a little distortion. I still like good ol' B&W best. Nice work as usual, John.

Christian S. Mendes
7/6 Good material. Nice pose and tones. You did it using basically two colors and it is a interesting point. Good work.

Fausto Roim
?? John I love your work but honestly I don't see much on this photo...I tryied but as far as expression, model, capture, all seems pretty average to me. regards!

fred moore
modern day renaissance...nice model

David Taylor
John, I'm regularly stunned by the connection you seem to get with your models and the level of trust and comfort that shows though in the photos. I'm a big fan :)

Rina H
Beautiful John, I agree the warm colours work very well - also because perfectly matching your model?s hair and contrasting her pale skin. Regards Rina

John Peri
Just a pose I think that artistic nudes are usually better in black and white, but this one seemed to me to have a kind of vintage look to it like this ...

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