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by Peri John

ml nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Saturday 16th of July 2005 05:25:38 PM


parvin dabas
i like this picture,her in focus,great composition and feel

Michael Raddatz
Delicate crop is sumptuous.

Joe Marlowe
Actually very natural.. It's refreshing to see women in a natural state...non-surgically enhanced. She's naturally beautiful and these days people are quick to shed clothes no matter where they maybe it's not that "unnatural" after all. I like the shot.

Jim McNitt
Hey John: With enough red wine, one can look natural in almost any pose. Seriously though, I think that there are so many variables in good portraiture that if the photographer gets most of them right, then perhaps it is possible to overcome an awkward or unnatural pose. And if there was something unnatural about this pose, I can't tell by the result. It's another excellent J.P nude. --jim

Joe Marlowe
Exactly John...she appears so though its completely natural for her to be where she is as she is.

John Peri
Well, she shed them for the camera Joe and she did it with amazing grace. The point I am trying to make is that one can be surprisingly natural in an unnatural situation.

Marc Epstein
John, You've done it again, great shot.

John Peri
Thanks Marc, but though the model has never had her photo taken before, she immediately understood what it is all about. The merit goes entirely to her.

Alec Ee
Perhaps John, but here in Asia modesty prevails for many and only the few unhibited may venture this far. Maybe we need more photographers like you over here to coax them out of their shell! ^_^ Well done!

Reza Shadpay
NO! John, I can't confirm this one with all your photos. it's so far!...

Ken Kartes
Excellent depth of field John. It adds softness.

fred moore
john this one has the moment in it my friend

John Peri
What have we been led to believe is natural What can one say of a picture like this. Is it natural, no! But can one look natural in an unnatural pose ... ?

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