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Gallery: Street photography ... or faces in the crowd

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Published: Saturday 16th of July 2005 09:11:32 AM


Michael Raddatz
Wow, you're older than me! BTW, this is special.

Amy Nicholson
Love this! Guess you always had the knack. Wonderful shot.

John Peri
The camera was an Agfa Sillette, an inexpensive fixed lens thing. Can't remember anything else I'm afraid, though it was probably an Ilford film. As for the year, I think that George Washington was president then !

Sandeha Lynch
Because you had very good reason for taking it at the time. I think it's great that you should dig out some of your early negs. This is a gem and probably unique among PNet stock. And, er, how about the year, camera, and film :)

Judy Ben Joud
Guess you're posting it because it's a great shot-so real and full of life. Regards,Judy

Mike Gal
Great! What a wonderful shot! Post some more.

Karen Wolf
good effect. They are up to something!

Brad Kim
Excellent capture, John.... You were very exceptional and talented even at 12....!!!

Todd Kowalski
I agree, this is a gem of a moment in time. Thanks for posting the "Boys will be Boys". Regards, Todd

Natasha Gudermane
:)..absolutelly wonderful image!!

Emad Derisavi
This photo makes me remember that years..., Even if Landrum kelly is right!

Landrum Kelly
One of your best, John. . . . --Lannie

A.K. Sircar
I love the composition and the expression on the kids' faces,full of amusement and mischief.

Landrum Kelly
Maybe they are looking at a book of John's other photographs. --Lannie

Kaur Lass
Amazing and pure strong emotions. Amazing work for 12 years old! Love it!

mimoza veliu
wow i like the composition and the expression very much...

John Falkenstine
Good Shot John. I once wore an outfit like the one on the right. Long trousers were for dress-up and all of us, just like the kids in this image had bruises, scabs and scars on our knees (One particularly large one I still have, and probably shut have been stitched shut, but back then..)

Heather Watt
This is a great shot! Very nostalgic. Their grins are priceless.

John Peri
I was amused yesterday to come across this shot of the Beatles !

John Peri
Was it Playboy ? I guess I was around 12 when I took this of my schoolfriends. Goodness knows why I am posting it !

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