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by Peri John

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Published: Friday 15th of July 2005 03:21:20 PM


Ken Thalheimer
Now that's the way to dress up a staircase! Very well done with the natural light. Good tones and composition John

Al Li
Beautiful lighting, models, and surrounding. I want a stair way like that.

Lee Jianmin
beautifully posed and the stairway curve make the composition stands out. very artistic

David McCracken
Positiveness I cannot argue with the comments above. They are all from respected photographers. I am just a little confused by the pose. I am finding it difficult to articulate what I am saying. The photograph is fine. The model is fine. Everything is fine but I get the feeling of unnaturalness. I don't know if that makes sense. Please keep trying to do this type of thing. It is definitely different even if it is unusual!

David Blair
I look forward to seeing some more photo's of this particular friend of yours john. She seems extremely relaxed in your house/studio, and that rings through on the quality of the photo's. Where is the previous shot taken from above.

John Peri
I'm still sorting through the photos David. This is no studio. This is my apartment building and the neighbours constantly come in and out which makes the whole thing a little hazardous !

Vlad Tepes
Well done John ! Congratulations !

David Blair
It is a beautiful apartment building. Oh to be your neighbour! I'd just hang around the foyer with camera in hand all day waiting for your friends to arrive! :-) I'll supply some top quality Sav Blanc and maybe a good Aussie Shiraz or 2, you supply these beautiful woman so comfortable in posing for your studies. P.S. Yes, there are some damn fine Aussie Shiraz's.

Ken Thalheimer
Apartment building eh? Must leave dome of your neighbors smiling John? What's the clause in our lease?

John Peri
Well, there are a couple of Australians in my files David. Maybe you should look around a bit :-)

Marco Giardini
6/6 i like it!! bravo .oesse.

Naveen N
great pose!!!

Stephen Solomon
Very graceful model on a very graceful staircase. Nicely depicted with good light, contrast and expression,...and comfortable in this common area of your building. This model is one of my favourites of yours.

John Peri
Thanks Steve. I find it's often young ladies that have never posed befoe that have the most charismatic presence. A kind of frankness and sincerity emanates from their pictures.

John Peri
Staircase and window Light from the window ...

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