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by Peri John

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Published: Thursday 14th of July 2005 09:23:02 PM


John Peri
How right you are Dave !

Eneko Saratxaga
Good autoportrait, and i think is the think who brokes the continuity in your work and gives more strong to the photo althought i like all your photos. regards Eneko Saratxaga

Landrum Kelly
Yes, she is lovely, John, but I think that your inclusion in the photo gives added depth in more than one sense. By the way, do you shoot with the Nikon 70-200mm VR lens? I find myself lusting for that lens since it would free me from the need for both tripod and flash in many promising situations. I have yet to take the plunge with the Vibration Reduction technology, due to the expense, but I miss a lot of shots, I fear.

C. Daunis
It's nice to see the artist at work.

Thomas Collins
ahh... so here she is. Very nice John! I do like the inclusion of the photographer as it adds a visual element of interest and gives the photo depth as the eye travels from foreground to background. One could argue that it is distracting, but there is also merit in the documentary-style of this "glamour" image. Hats off to you John!

John Peri
Mine is an 80-200 D lens actually and I use it quite a lot. More recently however, I have been working with a Nikon D70, and the lens is a little too long focus for indoors. As for the vibration free technology, I imagine that costs a fortune. Personally, I move a lot and consequently spoil a lot of photos.

John Peri
I guess that's me in the mirror ! I met this young lady this weekend (related to an old friend). We had such fun taking these photos. There was just one touchy moment when one of the neighbours stepped out while we were taking pictures on the stairs ....I lost her for a few moments, the only problem was that her robe was on my floor!

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