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by Peri John

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Published: Thursday 14th of July 2005 05:31:36 PM


David Blair
Yes well There are very few of your models that I havent fallen slightly in love with. Not due to their attractivenenss or nudity, but their relaxed demeaner. You have an incredible talent John. You understand what is needed to make a woman "herself". Can I critisize a little on this image, if you dont mind, and say that the lighting is a little too soft? I love the pose, and the relaxed attitude. Well done on another piece of work worthy of display in the models own hallway.

John Peri
Thank you Michael, I really appreciate that. The fact is though they they really are the girl next door .... I guess that is why they look like people we can relate to. Oh, and of course I love my models, insanely so ... every one of them!

Steffen Drache
Like a pearl in a shell... ;-)

Michael Sebastian
lovely Fabulous accoutred model, stunning image. Were I able to retract my tongue back into my mouth and stop hyperventilating, I might offer the petulant plaint that her head / hair is a little lost in the background blackness. But that would make me seem petty ! :) John, I toured your portfolio again last evening after viewing one of your new images. More than almost any other photographer doing nudes here, your work displays an ease with, and love of, women that is too often absent from nude photography. No leather-bound, siliconed, tool-calendar bleached-blonde frizzy-haired back-arched ass-proffering "girls" are in sight. Your models look like the WOMAN next door, in the next cubicle, or in the partners' suite upstairs. They seem to trust you and know you'll do them justice on film/sensor. I've gone on long enough. Thanks for sharing them.

David McCracken
I think a lot..... I think a lot of people love your models. This is a cracking shot. No doubt!

John Peri
Thanks for the kind words David, and do please criticise my photos, that's why I post them. Thanks for your tip about the lighting, maybe it could do with a little more contrast. The great advantage of photographing friends is that you have some drinks, listen to music and incidentally take some photos. When the order is reversed, it can become too formal.

David Blair
I should try your approach. Most photoshoots I do are to regimented and organised, and i'm never happy with the results. There are many beautiful men and women amongst my friends, and I should start taking a more relaxed view on my work. Thanks for the tip.

John Peri
Figure study .

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