"Golden Gate"

by Tsoi Wilson

golden gate seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Thursday 14th of July 2005 02:19:00 AM


Ken Beilman
I think I'll just delete all my GG Bridge images. What's the point of going on? :-) Wonderful lighting and some more of that nice soft night feel. Love the colors too.

Julio Segura Carmona
7/7 Es un alarde de maestria,,,, perfecta imagen con un encuadre y un bello color.. un cordial saludo.

Amar Khoday
Beautiful work Wilson. I like colours in the background matched against the blue. I also like the light against the water in the foreground.

Henri Manguy
Very great shot.

Linda Keagle
This has a lot of atmosphere, Wilson, and taken at my favorite time of day...I can still feel the warmth of the sun, already set.

Joe Orsak
nice angle and the lighting is wonderful. good job Wil.

J Montgomery
Wonderful! All of the essential elements with composition, light, light, light and color! Good work :-)

Paula Grenside
Known subject but caught and presented in a wonderful way, Wilson. Spendid light and composition. Greetings from Vienna. Missed you!!!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
This is really beautiful. The colors of the sunset, the fine lines of the bridge, the water hitting the beach & the place you chose to take the image, all work together to create a a memorable image. Did you get your feet wet? :)

Oh, the "second picture" even got more space. Dreamlike! RE

Wilson Tsoi
17" x 23" Print, Here's a print from a Canon A80.

Wilson Tsoi
Thanks for your feedback . . . McCRACKY: Thanks. Haven't seen you around for a while! KIM: Appreciate your feedback as always. CHRISTOPHER: Thanks, Chris. Print, perhaps like the 17x23" below? Yes, only occasionally (hard time picking which to print.) In fact, my walls are practically empty without any photos hung! HOWARD: Very glad you like this version best. CHERLYN: I'm happy you like it! JULIO: Mucho gracias! KEN: Thank you much for your kind words. Do share the images! HENRI: Merci! JOE: Thanks, Joe. LINDA: Glad you thought so, thanks. AMAR: Appreciate your insight, Amar. J: Glad you like the light! PAULA: Why we miss you all, too. Have fun in Vienna and tell Reiner to go easy on the Scotch. ^_^ JAYME: Thanks, Jayme. Not only did my feet (boots, socks, etc.) got wet, but my pants, my tripod, the lens, and the camera all got a little sneak attack from the wave as well! Tripod will be history soon as each leg section was packed with sand, but I managed to wipe off moisture from lens and body. Wipe them again with fresh water when I got back to hotel room. REINER: Ahhh, here you are. Thanks for checking in even on your busy trip! Wilson ^_^

Lou Ann Aepelbacher
Is that YOU holding the print? :-) I love these pics of the Golden Gate. In fact, while I was in Europe, I sent the link for this one to some family and friends because I knew that they'd enjoy it!! The soft focus on the waves, the silhouette of the bridge, and the lighting/color of the sky are all fabulous!!

Kim Slonaker
Nice lighting, Wilson. Perhaps a very common subject, but very well done!

Cherlyn .
Only one word: Marvellous.
ummm, not enough. Beautiful shot.

Christopher Appoldt
Absolutely stunning lighting - and yes, I do marvel at it every single time:) Do you ever print these?

Howard Dion
This version has a lot of feeling. Maybe the best in the series.

David McCracken
Timing Possibly not T/T but certainly good! I guess the trick is to photograph it at the right time.

Chuck Warren
I hope you're not fishin for a compliment, cause I dig it . I really dig it. Did you spend the night to get this shot ? Man,what a shot. I think what you need to realize is ; no.....b o d y ever gets tired of looking at something this majestic. Continue on Sir,Chuck.

Wilson Tsoi
"Golden Gate," at end of day Bay area locals are probably tired of seeing this, but us visitors are always amazed at the sight of this marvel. Your thoughts are welcome.

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