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by Peri John

ml nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 1

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Published: Wednesday 13th of July 2005 06:34:54 PM


Alberto Wolfgang
7/7 Very beautiful capture! Beautiful model,composition and perfect exposure. Superb work. Alberto

Christian S. Mendes
6/6 Good composition. The crop create a interesting enviroment, the place empty in the coach could be read like a invite, well done.

Alain Lechat
Nice Very sensual attitude. It is like a "voyeur" look through the window of her room. She is sensually resting, and probably guessing we are looking at her... What a phantasm... Great John

Stephen Solomon
Hey, John! I was just cruising your gallery and re-caught some pix of this model. It's been a few years since any comment has been made regarding this photo. Indeed, this model has been away from your lens for a few years. Never the less, I find this session very pivotal in your development as a photographer. You addressed her as usual in your manner as far as inviting to photograph and produce images of beauty for her, but did she know(?), and did you know(?) that this image would still be of interest several years from the moment it was taken. Maybe not! I find this model particularly lovely. Delicate. Physically, of course, but also because she seems remote and quiet. She is not voluptous, but she is shapely and expressive with a hint of shyness as depicted by your photos. I like the leopard throw and her poses on this sofa because they are in what appears to be in juxtaposition of her personality. Having seen some of your later photos utilizing this room, I would have liked to see her fair skin set against the beautiful wood flooring in this shot. I say that because it(the flooring)gives a warm, natural mood to your color images. For what it's worth,this b&w image is exquiste. Your model has an air of total un-awareness, or inhibition, and the composition, tones and lighting are just right. This is a great one! If you see her again, please thank her! Steve

John Peri
Thank you Stephen. I did indeed give her the link but, as you rightly say, it's been some time now, so I don't know if she will see your comment. She will certainly be happy if she does. It is a long story actually. A visit from an old university friend that I had nor seen for ages. Behind her in the doorway was her daughter above. To cut a long story shot, we took these photos the next day. She was gracious and elegant, shy and yet at ease. The complicity of knowing that we were friends in the past, even if indirectly, and in the future too. She was very pleased with her photos, her mother too ... I don't unsually personalize my presentations like this, but your kind support merits it. Thank you for passing by once again, I appreciate it. Oh .. and we did agree to do this again next time we meet, but she lives far far away ..

John Peri
Dark and Light I could have cropped a little closer, but I like the concept of a nude figure in an empty room ....

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