"Enter the Bridge"

by Tsoi Wilson

enter the bridge seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Monday 11th of July 2005 04:58:18 PM


Dennis Jones
Wilson Well done on the exposure, color and composition. Not sure getting closer would've made this any better...

Wilson Tsoi
Appreciate all your feedback, DICK: Thanks. Indeed the contrast between the curved lights and bridge silhouette is what caught my attention. CONTE: Thank you much. JAYME: 8,000 feet is not too long to hold your breath if as long as you travel at 120 mph . . . ^_^ PNINA: Thanks. Wish I could make it there. Enjoy it and say hello to all at, "The Meeting Point." KEN: Thanks for your kind words. HOWARD: Certainly is, especially when viewed at sea level. Then again it could be invisible to most locals, just blending into part of everyday life. ADA: So glad that you check this one out. Thanks. DENNIS: Thanks. True, getting any closer with this focal length would not work, but perhaps some very interesting composition can be had right up next to the large cables with an ultra wide. Wish I have an entire day at this bridge one day. Wilson ^_^

Ada Ipenburg
I like the symmetry in this shot, Wilson and the transition of the beautiful skycolours. The warm glow of the lamplights brings the whole image to life. Kind Regards, Ada:)

Dick Yowell
Well done as usual, Wilson! I especially like the way you've captured the curve of the lights near the bottom. The three higher lights may be a tiny bit distracting, but that's all I can think of to criticize.

Howard Dion
I bet the bridge is larger than life!!

Conte Oliver
Very nice shot! Compliments. ciaoooo!

Ken Beilman
Wils Great symmetry of composition and lovely light and dark contrast. Another one well done!

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wilson- I really love the pink to purple sky, the perspective view and the coming & going traffic. It makes me think I am suspended in air above the traffic right in the middle of the entrance. A thought always enters my mind when I see this suspension bridge "I sure would not want to be on this bridge during an earth quake". Every time I crossed it I would be holding my breath. Just not sure I could cross it! :) 8000 feet is a little long to hold your breath! :) Really nice image, I like!

Pnina Evental
From Vienna.... Nice composition and colors of that bridge, Wilson. Pnina

Wilson Tsoi
"Enter the Bridge," a different view of Golden Gate They don't let you walk on the bridge after dark. This is closest I can get. Your thoughts are welcome.

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