"Bridge Over Troubled Water"

by Tsoi Wilson

bridge over troubled water seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Sunday 10th of July 2005 04:27:16 PM


Wilson Tsoi
Thank you all for commenting, J.W.: Thanks for your feedback. The, "fuzzes," at top is actuall the fog/low cloud that kept on rolling in from the Pacific. BRIAN D.: Very glad you like this. REINER: Glad that you like it. Please feel free to cut them into two at your leisure. ^_^ CHERLYN: I like your painting reference, thanks. COLIN: Thanks for noticing the light on the bridge. The sun kept on playing peek-a-boo with me that afternoon. JAYME: Thank you always for your feedback. The 1/2 sec. was the exposure (shutter speed.) I tripped the shutter with a 2-sec. self-timer. Hope it's clear. ^_^ HOWARD: Thanks for your vote of confidence! BRIAN C.: Glad you think so. I know what you mean about the good softness. ^_^ LINDA: You always have intersting insights. Hard steel sandwiched by softness? I'll take that! DENNIS: Thank you, Dennis. KEN: Thanks for your comment, Ken. I guess just like many things in the world. Ying-Yang, you know. When there's dark, there's also light, got to have up so you can have down, in this case we have hard steel vs. soft fog/cloud and waves. PETER: Thanks, Peter! SCOTT: Grateful for your feedback, Scott. CHiPs: Thanks, CHiPs. One layer with the warm sky and another with the sea foam green color. Erase and blend to taste. ^_^ BRAD: Thanks you, sir! Wilson ^_^

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Thank Wilson !!

Wilson Tsoi
CHiPs, You're scaring me!

Brad Kim
Very nice...!

Brian Daniels
I have seen a lot and taken a lot of photos of the G.G. bridge and this is one of the best I have seen so far.

Howard Dion
Oh yea! One of the best of this bridge that I have seen.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Super image! I love the blurred action of the waves, really softens them beautifully. The composition is wonderful! A question- I always read your details. What's with the 1/2 sec & 2 second self timing thing? Not clear as to what this means.

Linda Keagle
Hi Wilson Colors of the water contrast well with those of the bridge, and I like the softness "sandwiching" the hard steel....

Brian Chapman
Hey Wilson, this is definately a unique shot of the bridge. I haven't seen many from this angle that worked so well. I like that the fog creates a transition in to the image instead of cutting off abruptly - it works well with the similar softness (not a bad softness) created by the motion of the water. The colors are excellent also! Brian

J. W. Wall
Great shot! Love the motion in the water and its color contrast to the bridge. Is it spray that fuzzes the top of the bridge?

I prefer this bright version. I even see two pictures, or: The lower part would be worth an own picture. REgards

Chee Hong Peow ( CHiPs )
Wilson Can you tell me how many layering before the final result.

You create wonderful image.

Cherlyn .
I love the colours of the rolling waves & the overall tones of the sky & the bridge. Looks like a painting to me.

Colin Carron
Excellent crop, Wilson. The light on the bridge is nice and the waves are great.

Ken Beilman
Wils I've stood in the same spot and taken a similiar image. But your composition is more interesting and the crashing waves add another element. I also like the soft feel. That's something I should try for more. Not every image needs to be or should be as sharp as possible.

Dennis Jones
Great color on this one Wilson.

Scott Jenkins
Very Nice Wilson, Nice time delay. The overall softness of the whole image goes well with the time delay on the water. Great capture of a commonly shot image. Regards, Scott

Wilson Tsoi
Like a, "Bridge Over Troubled Water" Went to the Bay area and sneaked in a few Golden Gate bridge shots. Your thoughts are welcome.

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