"Twilight at Golden Gate"

by Tsoi Wilson

twilight at golden gate seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Sunday 10th of July 2005 09:21:46 AM


Wilson Tsoi
Thank you much for your feedback, JAYME: Was it, "Modern Marvel" that you saw? Love that Dicovery Channel! HOWARD: Thanks, Howard. Must be that bright light near center that might have lowered the contrast a bit. BRIAN: Thanks, Brian. That's actually not the bridge platform, but rather part of the historical Fort Point. Anyway I know what you mean. ^_^ LINDA: Thanks for your comment. KEN: When I see the cable cars up and down Powell and Hyde, your images of SF kept on flashing through the back of my mind! CHRISTA: Thanks, I'm flattered! Wilson ^_^

Jon Thornton
This was averaging 5/5 when I viewed it. That is just wrong!

Brian Chapman
Hey Wilson, I was talking about the actual bridge part (my bridge terminology is suffering!) where the cars drive being very close to the line separating the hills from the sky in the background. But I'm glad you pointed out that was part of a fort because I didn't know that either :)!!

Howard Dion
I like this. Seems like the contrast might need a little click up a notch.

Linda Keagle
Interesting combination of colors with this method....different, and effective.

Brian Chapman
I like the reflection. It creates another set of lines leading you through the image. The only thing I would change (if it were possible) would be to take it from a slightly higher point of view to bring the bridge platform away from the top of the hills. Otherwise I love it! Brian

Christa Thompson
You are amazing!

Colin Carron
I agree the efect of the time exposure on the water works well.

Ken Beilman
I see you've been to my favorite destination. 30 seconds, wow, a really long exposure that did well here.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Wow, I just caught a mini documentary on this bridge on the Discovery Channel this weekend. Beautiful capture!

Wilson Tsoi
"Twilight at Golden Gate," a visit to the Bay 30 sec. exposure an hour past sunset. Works? Why, why not?

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