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by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 9th of July 2005 11:50:39 PM


Marco Giardini
7/6 nice! .oesse.

John Peri
Hy Lannie, I'm just back from a trip. Three very different styles and approaches to the human psyche that you are comparing there .... maybe I will elaborate on this later .. as for getting to know what constitutes the whole, I have never managed to do that with any of my models, how will you do so by looking at their photos!

John Peri
Strange, you are not the first to say this Lannie and yet, same door, same pose, same I'm here and I'm beautiful and so what look ... as for the mystery of women, for how many centuries and more has that been debated already ... it's pretty wonderful though, let's face it !

Vasilis Apostolopoulos
Now that I look at it again. I think that I understand what is different in this image with most of your other images. Your images generally are characterised by a "joyful" mood and some of them are what I would say almost innocent making nudity seems natural. This comes from the smiles of your models. In this one .... things are different

David McCracken
Not instantly you...... An interesting comment from Mark above. The reason this is so is that I did not instantly recognise this as one of yours. The style is very different.

Unlike Mark, I am a fan of your work but I have to say this is by far one of your best. It does remind me of a couple of other photos by other photographers though!

Hallway by Alex Lee and T E A S E by David McCracken.

Your picture is certainly more artistic than mine. I will reserve judgement on the other comparison.

Thanks for this one John. It is superb.

Al Li
I love her intesnse look and the composition. Really powerful image, the eyes, the postion of her arms, hands, and body at the ready.... Very nice.

John Peri
Hey Mark, that's nice, thank you. But this is no fashion shoot, it's just a student as I say above play acting for me in front of the camera ...

Landrum Kelly
Analyzing "leer": the contradictions abound. I wish that photography had the power to help me understand women rather than simply deepen their mystery. "Play" or not, John, there is something in that "I know what you want" leer that speaks to the ages. There is, I believe, in the leer a certain pleasure in wanting to be gawked at and a certain sort of negative judgment that one should want to gawk: a contradiction, yes, but one that we are all familiar with unless we were born blind. I find myself somewhat relieved that this young woman was only "playin' wit ya." Like David, I would not have spotted this as one of yours right away. There are uncharted seas out there. . . .

Landrum Kelly
Maybe "leer" was too strong a word, John, and perhaps you are right in your own interpretation of the expression. In any case, the look is somewhat ambiguous, but I don't think that I would characterize it as a simple "come-on" look. It seems more complicated somehow, whether she is posing for the camera or just preparing to show her wares. In any case, I understand that she was just playing. If she were not, and if I were faced with that look, I would not know exactly what might be running through her mind, although I am pretty sure what would be running through mine. Ah, women--sweet mysteries, sweet enigmas, and, yes, sometimes sweet contradictions. You and Owen and David are going to recruit me yet into this enterprise if you are not careful, not so that I can gawk at naked bodies, but so that I can figure out those enigmatic but truly wonderful expressions that these models bring to their pictures. You guys should collectively write your memoirs together and share with the rest of us what you have found. Alas, the camera can only show so much. It is those souls that we want to get to know.

Vasilis Apostolopoulos
Yes, they are right, it is not exactly recognisable as your work. It is different than your other images, there is something more grave, in this picture than others in your portfolio. Eitherway, I like it

Nick Wicked
Electric Very strong, very cool - don't lose her number, John - I'd love to see this rose further bloom under your expert tutelage!

John Peri
Waves and curves .. Just a student tying to break away from studying for a while ...

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