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by Peri John

js nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Saturday 9th of July 2005 03:31:18 PM


John Peri
They are all play acting and having fun.

Detlef Klahm
never mind Jay...John...its sexy and works!

Greg Bulla
I think this pose is flattering. She's obviously ok with it. A lot of people feel that if you've got it, flaunt it. Looks like you've cornered the market on models btw

Jay W
John, don't post a photo if you can't handle a critique. I don't think this is a flattering pose for this woman. Does she like it? Honestly?

Alex Milarakis
Excellent capture with very good lightinhg !

Mark Anthony Kathurima
Details The lighting makes this photo look like a painting. She doesn't seem to be at the same location as the background. Whether that's good or bad is a matter of opinion. I checked it out in PS, and I think you've lost some detail in the background that might actually enhance this already nice photo. imho, I think it might work even better with slightly more subtle lighting (see suggestion above) Also, forgive me for being a bit picky, but I also couldn't help noticing that her left elbow's been 'blown out.' Again I'm guessing too bright lighting in the foreground. Overall, I DO like this photo, though. Love the pose!

Best regards from a beginner in Kenya :) Mark


John Peri
Mark, many thanks for the comments. Indeed, she was standing in the doorway and her elbow was out in the sun! As for the background, I tried different intensities and kind of ended up with that one.

David Shelby
John I am use to seeing your figure art,Something different. A excellent pose from the young lady.You do have a way in linking that special Rapport,that always brings out the best in each and every image taken by you!!!!

John Peri
Well, my friend, that's probably a matter of taste, but you have only rated two photos since you are on this site, both at double ones. Why don't you try searching for something that you like, you may enjoy it!

John Peri
Thanks David, glad you enjoyed the image, but if it works it is due mostly to the model.

Jay W
bad pose, bad

Tiina Haasma
Lovely, great catch! I like it a lot! Regards !

Detlef Klahm
sexy and playful!!!!

John Peri
Style A young lady that is posing for me in between her studies ....

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