by Simon Janosch

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Published: Friday 8th of July 2005 09:08:14 PM


Geoff M
The photo is superb. And I love the ringflash look.

Illat Jerome
Everything is perfect. 7/7

Jonathon Harrington
Great work Great use of the Ring Flash. I'm looking to purchase a ring flash, any suggestions?

Kari McGrath
the ring in her eyes distracts me, but she is a lovely model. Nice picture, otherwise.

Matt Brost
Beautiful model, great composition and exposure. But, the circular catch light is disturbing. Try using a different flash or hot lights with a reflector.

Amy Nicholson
Great tones and clarity - love the texture of the skin. Nice.

Michael MacFadden
Very Nice! The face is a little off axis. not sure if that is good or bad.

Todd Bennett
Very nice portrait. Excellent processing.

Gordon Logue
Viewers The ring flash was used for a reason. Great shot

Piotr Kwiatkowski
Jonathon Harrington You can make ring light

dzsh rdydtii
wow Simply perfect! I love these skin tones!

Peter Bernik
7/6 I love the ring type flash effect. Beautiful eyes.

Aggelos Kontogiannis
7/7 Great Composition. Beautiful Model

DA Bell
ring lighting where, in relation to the model, do the photographer and ring light go, in order to still give a straight-on look in the model's eyes?

Janosch Simon
"Deep Vision" regards Janosch

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