Sunrise at Beartooth Lake

by Hecker Miles

sunrise at beartooth lake seeking critique hecker miles

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Category: Landscape

Published: Friday 8th of July 2005 06:47:39 PM


Mark Geistweite
A place I am familiar with. Great composition, especially with the bush and rock on the lower right. Exposure is spot on. Makes me want to go back.

Peter Diaz
Geat sense of movement and distance. Reflection is great. Works really well!

Kurt Yang
Hi Miles, thanks for the information. It is really nice to hear that. I am thinking about getting a D70 in the future. But I still doubt about which one is better. No argument here. You did very well on this one. The sharpness here I can rate 8-9 of 10. But I did see some other film work in PN can be rated 9-10. I think there might be several reasons to for that, like lens, PS, tripod, exposure speed... Like to see more great photos from you around this area.

Julio Segura Carmona
7/7 Magnifica Miles,,, una perfecta imagen,,,con un bello encuadre y reflejos,,,un cordial saludo.

Kurt Yang
I would rank this one top 25% in your folder. The composition is great. Almost every element is well placed. Very nice use of pano format. Even the lighting is a little away from perfect(still very good), the reflection is just super. About the originality, it is great. I have heard this lake before, yet never seen a really successful one until now. The only thing I would complain is that I wish this is from large or medium format like what you did before. Overall, truely wonderful mountainscape work.

Bartek B
Great shoot

Miles Hecker
Thanks for the kind words Kurt. For what its worth the 1DS image detail equals drum scanned 645 trannies up to 20"x28". Yes, I know its hard to believe but I'm not Michael Reichman and it's true! The tonality is way better than MF film. It looks more like 4x5 LF at that size. It's actually a little better than my Nikon LS8000 scans. With my Zeiss lenses the detail is amazing. The Canon 17-40 does okay when stopped down to F11-F13 in the 20-26mm range. I'd like to get a Zeiss 21mm, but they're going for $4000 these days. My Pentax 645N is now for backup and tilt/shift work only.

Keith Bridgman
I'm usually rather picky when I look at photo's, even with my own photos, but I can't for the life of me find anything to pick on here. This is one fine photograph! A photo should be singular of purpose and tell the story of what the light was trying to say at that moment. This one speaks volumes. Well Done! 7/7

Karol K
Great photo, fantastic light and warm colors. The composition is very good too. Regards.

Douglas Salteri
Sunrise at Beartooth Lake Miles you have a wonderful image here with the quality only curtailed by the constrictions of the web. The tones and colours across this great composition are very good indeed. You have used one of the best digital tools available to the very best effect. Congratulations. All the best Dougie

Momo Vuyisich
I would like to see a little more in the foreground, both the submerged rocks and the bush. Otherwise, this is very nice.

Richard Beresford
Richard Beresford This is a stunning image, the tones of the sky and landscape are great and the reflection seems to emphasise the tranquility of the place.Well Done

Miles Hecker
Daybreak in the Beartooth Mts. A very rare calm morning on Beartooth Lake & and some rapidly changing weather produced some lovely reflections. All comments and ratings are welcome.

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