Se 5

by Peri John

se nude seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Friday 8th of July 2005 03:03:51 PM


jim feldman
on or off. she's half a**ed, and it breaks up her good lines, and an otherwise well composed shot.

Brad Kim
Can not help coming back again and again.... It's such a charming image, John.

Juan Monino
excellent This is one of your best!!! Excellent mature woman portrait!!!

Al Li
I like this one a lot. Wonderful lighting and the pose with the mirror is very pleasing for my eyes.

Daniel Criach
Es una postura muy c�moda para leer

Brad Kim
7/7 This is super, John....Excellent composition and beautiful pose.... Very elegant treatment!

John Peri
Glad you liked it Grad. The model has a lot of charisma.

David Blair
Lovely shot John, but as the reflection is so important in the composition, I would maybe have stopped it down a bit for more dof. Personal opinion. Lovely model. I'll have to send you some of my "slightly older model". My '64 EH Holden. Classic car! :-)

John Peri
Contemporary works Just a portait of a charming friend ...

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