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by Peri John

kh nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Thursday 7th of July 2005 06:15:19 AM


Alberto Quintal
Excellent design

Randall Paul
I think you have to as John says ''look at this with a hint of humour''. I also think that what he has done here conceptually is excellent design work. I don't design my self but Look at the blending of tones, the consistancies of each individual models lighting colour balance etc. I also like the choice of background complimenting the sofa tones. It is a fun peice and well done John Regards Randall

John Peri
Many thanks Gerry. The intent of course is to consider such postings humourously, as you rightly say.

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
I like the spirit of fun you exhibit in lots of your work with nudes, John. (I am reminded of the gaffers on the set of a pretty racy movie, who I am told spent their time chewing gum and playing cards.) I trust this subject matter never gets that stale for you. It hasn't for me, and I am beyond the tittilation phase in studying these works for clues about how to look at people, feminine version of same in this instance..aloha and bottoms up mates, Gerry Siegel

parvin dabas

Mumtaz Guran
Careless work though good ps work dear perry but i think there is a problem with the composition because the shoes which are on models foot are all the same.The only different shoe is between the two models on the right ant they r not on models foot.May be you pasted them from a different place.I think this problem is destracts your composition.And also there is some problems with the Lasso tool(the model didn`t cropped well.Best wishes.Mumtaz guran

Mike Gal
Excellent work!

John Peri
Thank you for your comment Mumtaz. I'm not too sure why the shoes should or should not be different? The girls are all the same obviously and the shoes differ in places in accordance with the title. This really has to be looked at with a touch of humour. Hope you enjoyed it neverthless.

Bob Kurt
Superb !

John Andrews
Different good work

Jerry Matchett
Bravo John! You continue to be an inspiration to me.

John Peri
Hy Jerry, how have you been? This one was published in PHOTO by the way ...

Jerry Matchett
Looking back through your portfolio, I think these fantasies are your best work, John. This is what I would call a second generation work. Have you done any third generation? Regards, Jerry

John Peri
Jerry, as you know, these take time to do and I have become lazy .. no, no 3rd generation stuff. I love what Janusz Taras is doing though ...

John Peri
Which shoes should I wear .. ? Variation on a theme ...

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