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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Thierry Burlot
Excellent ! an other one I love.

John Peri
David, the still water is a very striking observation. What she did do when I walked in is to turn over. I guess things had time to settle down ... or the water was swinging ... anyway, next time I'll discreetly drop a couple of piranhas into the tub and see what happens :-)

David McCracken
Not a ripple in sight. A lovely image John. I do 'feel' it was set up. Nothing wrong with that but the candid snap feel of the picture is shattered by the stillness of the water. I am assuming this was cropped. The back set of tiles are perfectly straight. The lens limitations would put the curve of the tiles to the front in the centre. Hell John.... I am just jealous. It's wonderful.

Bob Kurt
Oooohhh. !!!

Els Wetting
I use to encourage the model to relax her defences, letting me share with her in that brief and precious moment of intimacy your own words................ so 7/7 is my comment

Jeff Davidson
The perspective is wrong John, I love all of your work, but in this case, the one striking feature that I find wrong with this is the perspective. If this were a crime scene, I would expect to see this type of photo taken from above. Perhaps it looks too clinical for that reason, or perhaps the whole situation looks too sterile to me. Please do not let this deter you (as if any of my comments would!). If you'd like a suggestion, why not take several poses from different positions and see whether you find a more appealing perspective? Knowing you, this has already been done! your models are all lovely, by the way, and would do nicely in any setting! All the best to you.

David Blair
Love the tones here John. Simple yet beautiful photo. I love what you include in your photo's. P.S best get that tile re-grouted :-)

John Peri
Thank you for your comment Jeff. You know, what we feel about a photo or any image come to that is closely linked to what we each identify with. This is what I saw when I walked in and peeped at her with my camera from above ... so it kind of seems right to me! I fully understand though that you see this from an another angle. That being said, I rather like the scenario you mention of a crime scene ..... :-)

David Noble
The model doesn't look very comfortable. Nevertheless - GREAT PICTURE.

John Peri
bath I had removed this at one time and am now reposting it with more subtle colours ..

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