Heavenly girl.

by Amelkovich Igor

heavenly girl nude seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Published: Tuesday 5th of July 2005 11:45:57 AM


Christian S. Mendes
7/7 Beautiful work, nice composition and use of the beauty of the model. Very well done.

Alex Robert
Beautifull model and great location for portrait , this looks like a high spot just makes her separate from the background much more ! Love it

Jean Pierre Romeyer
This is a very good shot Igor...Picture construction is perfect, B&W quite adapted to the subject...and still there are monkeys to give 2/2!!!!! bad/bad....when are we going to stop these stupid anonymous ratings !!! Right now, the average rating of non anonymous people for this shot is 6.62/6.25 ????...you can check, Igor never rated one of my shots, I am not trying to apologize for a friend! Just to place this shot where it has to be, by honest ratings, otherwise the rating system is quite useless? You shot is a very good one, Igor, probably not outstanding (are there any here?) but far to be bad/bad...I give you 6/6 : aesthetic result is very nice, nice girl, nice contrast, diagonal construction, light and compo are out of critics - originality has to be seen in the position of the photographer and the elegant attitude of the model... Sorry Igor, to use your shot as a forum, but the forum I started on this subject has been censored (!)....so, if you disagree, tell me and I will immediately delete this post... All the best anyway and keep up with the nice work! Jean-Pierre

David McCracken
A refreshing change of style..... I must say this is not instantly recognisable as one of yours but the the quality and class is still there.

Michael Smith
I love this shot 7/7

anna derksen
legs beautiful legs

Sufyan Al-Khazraji
7/7 Igor! I have been following your photos all the time and I wrote to you once, if you remember, that you are very good photographer but if you change the subject. Now I feel that you are in the right way. Wonderful photo in all aspects. Let us enjoy your skills. Thanks!

Timo Hartikainen
Maybe her expression could be different, but that's only my opinion. Good stuff overall, anyway.

Fran Garcia

Denis Sutherland
Very beatifu girl and a very well taken photo.

Marco Giardini
amazing 7/7

Jeff Davidson
Two things I would like to know more about Igor, your work is original and refreshing. I like the choice of setting and the model is definitely quite glamorous. I cannot find such models, but I very happy taking picutres of my dear Zippy, for what it is worth. Go figure. Here are my questions: The model appears to be in a dangerous location (atop a cliff?). Why did you choose to get so close to her? Could we see the inherent danger if you were to take this from farther away? I'd like to see that perspective as well. You are the artist, so it is only a request. It is a marvelous image, nonetheless. Secondly, why the leather accoutrements? Please explain this use of the studded belt and collar. there must be something more that a fashoin statement. Also, the spiked high heels do not appear to be meant for this terrain. Please explain the setup. Did she walk out wearing them or did you have her put them on after she got onto the rock? At any rate, they appear to be quite in contrast with everything else about this image. It gives her a very "sexy" look, and if that is what you were looking for, you did not need the spikes!

Tiina Haasma
interesting model ! well done work ! my best regards for summer ! 6/6

Aguiar Thierry
Wonderful! Igor, how do you manage to get B&W like this?

Igor Amelkovich
Thank all without exception. Both for criticism, and for ratings, and for simply came to look my works.

7/7 Igor you?r the best!!! You unmistakable tones, your models your everything!!! Thank you for sharing your art.

Frank Kinser
Angle and Perspective Excellent photograph. What makes this photo so good is the angle and perspective.

Igor Amelkovich
Heavenly girl. Near the Karabash city.

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