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Published: Sunday 3rd of July 2005 12:32:25 AM


Bill Foster
Nice shot and good discussion. I, like the others, didn't see an overdose in this pic; just a sleeping girl. After seeing the other pictures, I understand it better. I agree that it would work better as a presentation or series ... perhaps you could put the three together in one frame? That would put the image with the man's face (IMHO the most powerful image)in the center also. Anyway, great job.

Scott H
I love your portfolio, Bob. This image, and the follow-up's are great. I'm especially pleased with how you let your images do the talking and let everyone else debate the meaning. :) I look forward to your future submissions.

Cameron Brown
Great shot. Sparked a good conversation.

Mike Gal
Hey Bob. Great series. True photojournalism. Thanks for sharing.

Matthew Menton
Doesn't make taking drugs look all that appealing...

Paula Grenside
Sad, but important documentary photo. Wish they, young people like the ones in the photo, watched this.

Pnina Evental
It can not be measured by the regular Aesthetic standarts, because it is not, but it is a good documentation of a sad drugs effects. Pnina

csab' józsa
I see a photo of a young girl sleeping and some guys drinking beer at a place which looks like a festival or something. I see a title "overdose". I am not sure why I should think about sad victims of drug use. I myself have been sleeping like this on the ground in a similar environment (less the guy holding the head). I had no drugs taken (not to speak about overdose), just plain tired after an all-night long partying. There is NOTHING on the photo that indicates any drugs (other than beer) were used and anyone is suffering. Therefore I don't agree with the documentary role of the image attributed by the above comments. However the photo itself is very good and I applaud the courage of the photographer to make the photo from such an angle, in the presence of her awake male friends, LOL.

csab' józsa
By the way, I checked technical details as well as the rest of the folder to find ANY indication that all the above comments are right about drugs use depicted here. Still nothing. Another point: Anyone here that has been in Woodstock? I mean, THEN and THERE?

Paulo Marx
It's a photo about our unfortunate times. It's a scream about the lost time of our childrens. The people must see this and understand the power of photography in our lives. congratulations

Jay W
If I am so silly and wrong, why is this photo in the nudes forum and not in documentary?

csab' józsa
The 'five minutes later' photo is much better as documentary, in my oppinion. The legs, the action going on, and especially the guy's mimic and body language are priceless. Well done.

Marty Dimitrov
All I see is a bottle of water and a very cute little posterior. Nice street shot, but it has nothing to do with drugs or overdose!

csab' józsa
Jay: because there's a note when you submit a critique request, that, if the photo depicts any nudity you should be kind enough to put it in that forum. It does not refer to the intent of the photo(grapher) but to the content of the photo.

Iain Mitchell
Hi Jay. I like it a lot and see no good reason why the title shouldn't work in conjunction with the picture to give an overall effect. The title gives it the force. Well done.

Blagoy Tsenkulov
The two photos are very strong. And put together (maybe, as a photo essay), and looked as a single one, they become even stronger. "Overdose?" and "Overdose!" Regards. Blago

Blagoy Tsenkulov
The story goes on. The face of the girl against the "collective face" of the public. We're always ready to help when it's too late. She wasn't dead, was she, Bob? Regards. Blago

Bob Kurt
ten minutes later ...

Paul Vasquez
Pardon me for wading in here, but the title refrains from saying overdose of WHAT. Could be anything if you really think bout it. Having said that, I think the tight crop and the attentiveness of her friends evokes emotion, and the trash under her shoe lends a cachet to the picture ensuring that it is a REAL image, rather than staged. I applaud!

Jim McConnell
Good reporting! 6/6

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
What an intersting shot and discussion. When I first saw it I thought "drugs", but then thinking outside the box, I thought, "overdose of partying", the bottled water led me there. I like the perspective choice, really creative. Then seeing the follow up images, sad to see it was a drug overdose. If she survives and sees these scary images of herself maybe she will make better choices. Nice job Bob!

Bob Kurt
five minutes later ...

Marion Geralds
What a silly and rude comment above. Just someone trying to draw attention to himself once again. Yes Jay, you are very important!

Bob Kurt
No, just a Overdose :)

Blagoy Tsenkulov
A very strong photo, Bob. No need to be quite clear, so a caption like "Overdose?" would be even better. I like the random posses of the "heroes" here, as if dumped from a truck. The young lady, totally down and out, attracts like a magnet. What happened? Was it a party, or a concert, or some other event? The charm of the photo is in these questions, imo, and not in their answers. Regards. Blago

Bob Kurt
:) Thanks for your comments

Jay W
I think you took this photo because you liked this girls ass and took a quick photo of it. Now you are making up some deep meaning BS about drugs and society. Just admit it, it's a grab shot of some girls booty.

David Velez
Here here I second what Scott said. You let your images do the talking while people basically slandered you and your intentions. Outstanding work and restraint. I have learned a lot by this series on many levels. Thank you very much. David 6of7

Mike Roberts
Well done Bob! A better discussion of "meaning" could never have been planned.

Vladimir Funtak
What have we done? Brave photo, Bob. Cong.

atul kukreti
Its real power of photography,communication.GREAT work Bob.regards.

Brad Kim
Great Job, Bob!

Juan De Santa Anna
Bob...what great restraint... What a great series...after working 20 years with the kids of of parents who overdosed...then gave birth... All the money spent on war....a shame that more of that money not spent helping those...like her. Nice job...juan

Bob Kurt
Thank you :)

Bob Kurt

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