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by Peri John

cn nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Thursday 30th of June 2005 04:57:05 PM


Fritz Heimerl
great idea!

David McCracken
If only...... If only you had a larger model...... You believe me don't you? Lovely!

David Blair
is this three seperate images?

John Peri
Keith, it's Venetian, middle of the 16th Century.

Tawhid Uddin

Mike Matcho
I would have asked the model to do a shot without the sandals and photoshopped a texture on the "painting," which looks too much like it's being lit from behind. That is if I could ever find a model that stunning to photograph in the first place.

John Peri
As long as some enjoy it, that's fine with me.

Viktor Sundberg
The idea is good I guess but it looks very manipulated. Was the painting really hanging there? My guess is no!. Also, it would be a lot better if she actually had the same pose as the painting. The one she has not is not at all the same. The lighting is ok but the image ia a bit boring...

Vasilis Apostolopoulos
I do not know how many, but they are a lot. Funny, nice... :-)

John Peri
Victor, I think that an "identical" pose would look too contrived. The cliche is in the activity not the diagonals.

Brad Kim
Excellent idea... beautiful execution....!

Fran Garcia
how always wonderful 7/7

Rui Marques
wonderful lighting, great composition and very good use of color (all IMHO). So, i don't understand some of the ratings... Who cares?!...

John Peri
Goya in modern times .. Just having fun with my images ....

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