Paradicsom leves

by Bostenaru Maria

paradicsom leves seeking critique bostenaru maria

Gallery: Hungarian dishes

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Published: Wednesday 29th of June 2005 06:17:52 PM


Maria Bostenaru
Hi Pete,

thanks a lot for the kind words.

The (sour) cream is used to make the so-called habarás - a mix of water, flour and cream. It basically serves to heighten the density of the soup. My mother even sais that she doesn't remember my grandma putting into into tomato soup, just in the sour cherries soup (BTW: some of the dishes here can be found in the Hungarian Restaurant in London - which has a strange name though "Gay Huszár" Huszár means cavalery soldier -, namely the sour cherry soup or the Kolozsváry káposzta, and of course the pancakes, and others I cannot remember, I saw the list on the internet and they came known to me; at the EXPO2000 in Hannover there was a Hungarian restaurant but full of unknown dishes. Hungarian restaurants are not so numerous as Chinese, Italian and so on, so it is rare to find one, in London it was a relevation to see on the restaurant list such one ...).

kind regards

Maria Bostenaru
serving with bread and butter text to come later

Maria Bostenaru

either or

Peter Meade
This has to be a first! Hello Maria, this is a high point in inovation, to use a photo and critique as an illustrated recipe is the ultimate in originality. Do you add the sour cream at the end or as a garnish? Some of the shots are not quite as sharp as they could be, but it looks tasty. With admiration. Pete

Maria Bostenaru
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Maria Bostenaru
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Maria Bostenaru
soup red

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