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Published: Wednesday 29th of June 2005 05:54:43 PM


John Peri
assertive yes, but charismatic too ... David, I'm not with you this time. On the right, both fists are clenched. As is the case for both ladies in fact, I think it is a sign not of tension but of "assertiveness", which goes well with their pose. You will have noticed that in introduction I wrote: "two self assured young ladies"! Sure they pose well together. You should see them dance together!

John Peri
Tea for Two Oh ... I almost forgot David ... yes, they do pose well together ....

alberto silvestri
ok, twice mood

John Peri
Thanks Mark and Nick. Ratings are really of no importance. It is nice to get them, because a photo then rises in visibility, but the numbers per se are not important. And then some people do not identify with certain subjects which is also understandable.

David Blair
The clenched fist on the girl on the right. She seems tense. The lighting is much softer than they're attitudes. These girls look like they'll pose together very well.

Nick Wicked
I love this The hands gripping the open jackets, the tones of the jackets against the skin, the facial expressions, their alluring auras . . . a helluva photo, John - hard to explain the relatively low rates on this

John Peri
No title Two self assured young ladies ..

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