Cm 15

by Peri John

cm seeking critique peri john

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Wednesday 22nd of June 2005 05:25:13 PM


michael shuaib
I couldn't blame you, very nice pic

parvin dabas
and we cannot resist looking at her again and again and again........

Steve Ward
sw you always find a way to take a photogenic model and make her look fantastic the model is only half the story, the other half is the photographer, and this is great on both counts

Vi P
Gee, what a beautiful, fragile, tender, passionate girl. I am refusing to see her photos anymore, for as long as I don't meet her in person! :)))

Thomas Collins
Mon Cherie! Such beauty should be nutured. Spoil her well John!

John Peri
Pat, the window is indeed a little overblown, but I had to expose for the face ...

Yvan Laussel
good portrait, interesting, good pic

Pat Merz
The bright area behind her is distracting from the face too much in my opinion.

Bob Kurt
Ooolala...very nice

John Peri
No Pat, I don't. Do you?! I just had a look at the shoulder of the last picture that you posted :-)

Pat Merz
Good for the face! However, the shoulder washes out. Don't you use any reflectors?

Pat Merz
Sometimes I do ... but yes, in the one you mention, I didn't and had to overexpose ... the shoulder is also too bright. When I'm critiquing, it doesn't imply that I can do it better; it's just what I notice in a picture ;o)

John Peri
Sure Pat :-) ... For my part though, I don't have any accessories. I try more for the spontaneous shot, rather like your photo in question too. Had I "set things up" here, I don't think I would have got the same expression.

Varun Madan
very nice n interesting shot.

John Peri
. The model is very photogenic. I cannot resist taking more pictures of her ...

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