Cl 44

by Peri John

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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Tuesday 21st of June 2005 11:06:32 PM


E. J.
Using a camera and software as one would use a brush, paint and canvas is absolutely wonderful from my perspective. I can only imagine Van Gogh with a Nikon and a MAC.

V. Hayes
Like the paint effect and the colors you chose. Variations of primaries? Also like how you left her face more natural and w/ detail intact. I play with this sort of thing sometimes on PS myself, but haven't got it where I am ready to present anything yet. This is very different from the rest of your work. I think this technique is perfect for nudes!

Alex Neely
Solorized? I love the effect - it is very suitable to the composition.

John Peri
Thanks Alex. no, I painted it and otherwise tortured it until I got this result!

John Peri
Thanks David. I think that I simply goofed it this time, though there are others in the series where the model is intact. He he, I would love to know what you consider overboard!

David Blair
Hi John. I had remembered a couple of years ago looking at some of your work thinking that there was a little too much rendering in photoshop, but I had forgotten that the concept behind those photo's was for friends to hang on walls and not be to recognisable, so I do recant my comment. I was looking thru your portfolio looking for examples, found them in the presentations section, but I am so impressed with your work John, I scanned for ages through it all, and expect some comments on a wide range of your shots soon. Very impressed.(and not in a voyueristic fashion)

David Blair
John, you've done some lovely work with this model, and i like the "painted" feel about it...although in some of your much earlier stuff you may have gone just a touch overboard. This is a great colouring concept, and a top shot if (and I'm only getting picky for picky's sake) the knee and little finger managed to stay in the frame. They look like they were "accidently" cropped.

Pawel Sawicki
I just can't understand that effect. Sometimes there is just no need to do too much.

Marc G.
I really LOVE this pose, and the surroundings, which would "normally" be "distracting" are really part of her "being-alone-at-home" story... Lots of people would hate the kind of "pop art" treatment you applied to the picture in PS, but to me, it's very interesting as well. Only problem, the "jagged" (for lack of a better word yellow texture at the back. Yellow was a daring but great idea imo: it would just need to be a little kleener in its execution - I think. Regards.

John Peri
Experiments Very few people seem able or willing to identify with this kind of image. Even if I am doing a pretty poor job so far, I feel that it is a medium that has tremendous potential ... turning pictures into paintings ..

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