"Enter the Needle"

by Tsoi Wilson

enter the needle seattle seeking critique tsoi wilson

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Published: Tuesday 21st of June 2005 07:35:30 AM


John Crosley
Wilson There ought to be a special category -- Photos of Wilson Tsoi. Your work is special -- beyond description and incomparable. Best regards. John (Crosley)

Vi P
Smashing and spectacular! :)

Tan Jian Xiong
what an original and effective composition.. such creativity once again! hah, good work!

Colin Carron
Striking composition and colours!

Frank Melchior
Great work Another great piece Wilson, that tarp is excellent. Wish I had your color sense. Frank

John Falkenstine
Excellent image Wilson, this part of Seattle is just great...well done.

Howard :-))

Alec Ee
Lovely crisp work Wilson. D2X your fav companion now? Just like Velvia.

Alex Mehl
Beautiful light fan and another excellent composition. Regards

Pnina Evental
Nice addition to your needle series Wilson! Pnina

Dont know what it is but I see how it is. RE

Guillermo Lobera Temes
Nice: color, composition,...

Francesco Martini
very beautiful!!!!!!!!

Howard Dion
Reminds me of a sail boat I saw on one of my visits to the Technicolor Planet. I was invited to ride on the very top which was over 1,000 feet from the water but decided it was too risky. The sail boats were huge and could carry over 5,000 people.

Andrea Endisch
Dramatic picture and title. Composition and colours are perfect, even the tiniest details (of course). May I nitpick? The gradient fills on this one are a bit strange. Maybe they are too strong, at least the two on the left feel too "near". Their converging is a good idea, adding perspective and holding everything together. Regards!

Paulo Barreto
Excellent photo, fantastic colours, very good composition. Congratulations.

Drew Nguyen
Unique perspective is your trade mark Wilson. Nicely done.

Camilo MargelĂ­
Fantastic composition. Really good. Regards

kristin morales
another attention grabbing perspective! you know how to work it!

Kim Slonaker
I can't get over how you keep coming up with unique angles on this common subject! Another good one, Wilson.

Ken Beilman
Another tremendously creative and well executed image.

Brad Kim
7/7 Wilson, this is fantastic.... I love the dramatic , graphical effect... Excellent execution!

Allon Kira
7/7 Mr. Tsoi - The master of composition!

Kim Tural
The colours and effects here are outstanding. Your combined talents in photography and PS work are an inspiration.

Stephen Galea
Suberb composition, wonderful photographer to capture such colorful photographs....... I love mostly all the series... Keep up the great work..ure wonderful.

Jayme Hall - Bardstown, KY
Ditto what Kim said! I love it!

Wilson Tsoi
Thank you very much for your feedback, PAULO: Very glad you like it. GUILERMO: Thanks for your comment. FRANCESCO: Appreciate it. REINER: What you see is what you get. If you get it, you see it. ^_^ HOWARD: Cool story. Remember the Disney's animation, "Tron"?! KEN: Thank you for your kind words. VIP: Very glad you think so. TAN: Appeciate your vote of confidence! DREW: How flattering. Thanks. ANDREA: Thanks as always for your feedback. FRANK: Appreciate your compliment, Frank. CAMILO: Glad you think so, Camilo. JOHN: Appreciate it. KNICKI: It's cool, it's cool, it's cool, . . . ^_^ KRISTIN: Thanks for your comment, Kristin. ALEC: Thanks, Alec. I don't have a favorite actually. I like them all for different purposes. ^_^ PNINA: Glad you like the series! ALEX: Thank you for your kind words. COLIN: Appreciate your comment, Colin. BRAD: Thanks for your enthusiastic feedback! ALLON: I'm grateful, Mr. Kira. KIM: Neither can I, neither can I. ^_^ G: Thanks, G. Likewise, you're doing some real nice works with the still life! JAYME: Thanks, Jayme. CHIRSTOPHER: Thanks, man. No takers, yet. ^_^ KIM: Very glad to be part of the equation, Kim. Wilson ^_^

Christopher Appoldt
OK look - you should be selling these.

Wilson Tsoi
"Enter the Needle," the main entrance to Space Needle ticketing counters. View larger for grander entrance into the Space Needle. Feedback is welcome.

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