Cl 45

by Peri John

cl seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Strange fantasies

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Monday 20th of June 2005 12:25:42 PM


John Peri
Yes Sally, it is intentional. I wanted the model to be more of an accessory. There is really nothing special about this photo, but it's fun to experiment a bit.

Sally Delacruz
In this,John,the backdrop took the stage. She just a point of focus. That's what I saw in this. Was that your intentioned?

parvin dabas
i like the post work you've done on this,very cool

Detlef Klahm
like a with magic!

tommy culbreth
love it! this is the kind of photo art i have been doing some experimenting with. mine is a little over the top. john's is not. i don't get a lot of high ratings on most of my pictures i digitally alter to even this extreme.and john's photo didn't either. but, look at the people in blue that rated it and the numbers go up. as we see here. i think one reason is that few people have caught on to this avenue of expression yet. i think more will. a lot more. and pros, like john peri, are paving the way. i think the ladie IS the subject of this picture and everything else in the room is saying 'TAKE ANOTHER LOOK".. and besides that , her eyes are in focus!!!

John Peri
Two shots went off in the passageway outside the front door ... I am so often tempted to change many of my photographs into cartoon images ....

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