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Published: Monday 20th of June 2005 11:51:13 AM


Massi Cricco
Il like this portrait ! Congratulations! A very beautiful portrait (6/6). The Model is a very, very beautiful girl. She is my favourite Model of your entire portfolio!!

John Peri
Thanks, I agree with that in principle Pat and I did it in fact do that with the last profile portrait that I just posted. There was simply no room here though without utter distraction.

Brad Kim
Lovely portrait, John..... Excellent execution!

Rick Muller
Love the expression on her face. It feels innocent.

Pat Merz
more beauty! ... background is a bit distracting though, and I would have opened up the frame more in the direction in which she is gazing.

Howard Dion
Natural beauty and then some!!!! Good portrait.

Sally Delacruz
I like her pose and black is good for her.

John Peri
Portrait 11 Another impromptu portrait ...

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