by Simon Janosch

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Published: Monday 20th of June 2005 06:03:19 AM


Christian S. Mendes
7/7 A masterpiece. Great expression, tones and composition. Congratulations!

Aguiar Thierry
There's not word to describe all that I feel seeing this photo. congrats!

Pioles Cramponis
Superb image.

Nevzet Celik
cooool patience and comfort thanks for great photo

Mc four
7/6 marvelous

P. Parikh
Perfect! Thats the only word to describe it!

Peter Meade
Hello Janosch, Nice model, tones and lighting. I like the skin texture, but would a soft focus have lead to a more traditionally "beautiful" effect? Best wishes. Peter

Todd Bennett
Fantastic. Perfect in every way.

Hashim A
Super tones.

Very beautiful composition, tones and model, excellent.

Luc Jacobs
Great composition and light. Congratulations.

Juan Pascual Garrido

Illat Jerome
Absolutely perfect

Raúl Humberto Muñoz-Aragón
GENIAL Es una fotografí¡ extraordinaria... Perfecta. Gracias por compartirla

Andrei Babikov
The only one word to say: PERFECT!! 7/7

Haleh Bryan
This is a crop to die for. A gem if you asked me!

Yanne Golev

Miguel Ángel Quintás Veiga
7/7 I magnify portrait, it seems a porcelain doll, I love the gotten texture. A cordial greeting.

mikolaj hunt
Gives an incredible impression of smoothness, very good photography.

David Patrick
This is, in my humble opinion, the best in your portfolio! Fine job. DP

Massimiliano Uccelletti
How you did it ? Could you tell us how you did it ? It's one of the most beatiful portrait ever seen

Felipe Espinosa
GREAT portrait! My favorite from all your portraits...

Maria Iancu
amazing!! i have no words to describe how beautiful this photo is!!

Øyvind Ganesh Eknes
Beautiful! I have no words!

Jody Holman Webster
absolutely stunning I see that several words like "art", "masterpiece" have already been taken- and they are right. This is an eye stopper. Not only is she absolutely beautiful, but she seems to have nary a flaw. You have composed, captured, lit, seen, one of the most beautiful shots I have laid eyes on in some time. Bravo!1 Encore, encore!

Marta Eva LLamera

M Jo
Janosch Janosch Simon, it is really an impressive portrait. very nice detail and expression of the model.

Rafik Kamel
Janosch, this is a very classy portrait, the model is great and the lighting is just awesome, i love how the texture of the skin is rendered in the shot, although i would have wished to see it a bit less sharp, can u please share with us the lighting u have used here? thanks bravo and congrats on such a fine piece of art, my regards, RK!

jacob smith
Rafik Don't hold your breath for a reply ;)

Gianni Spini
Intensa bellezza della foto e della modella!

Cătălin Băican
Just... stunning!

Tatjana Adizes
I love this Photo Bravo!

Sean Shelton
I have seen this image pop up many times and every time it does I find myself just staring at it for very long periods of time. It is Amazing in every way. I love this photo very much good capture.

Omer K
Kudos Nice composition. Excellent photo and model...

Silvana denker
hi janosch i?m here, too :D

walter smith
Nice That's a damn nice shot!

Agnes K.
Soft, delicate and clean. Absolutely beautiful!!!

Trudy Loosman
beautiful! Her skin almoust looks like delicate porcelain. Very intense picture, keep it up!

Florival Gonçalves
Just amazing...

Afshin Azizi
Perfect Perfect Portrait Janosch ! Perfect emotional portrait.Really amazing mood.She is making the viewer amazed by her relaxing style , her closed eyes , her calm face , Her hair is having a great role in this subject.The lighting and your creative framing is masterious ! Agree with Haleh , I will die by this image .Some Times I dream & imagine a Moment with my beloved girl ,at the imagine , my beloved girl is in a mood like this , I kiss her Cheek , and I wish to die at That time... I have seen it before this Time for Times and Times on several websites , webloges ,some weblog logos and ... and it would be amaze me for alot at any Time of looking it . I like to have a large Icon Print on it and hang it on my room's wall , but it is protected by Copyright I think , so I can't do it . Ofcourse says and tellings can't tell all beauty in this shot. I will select it as Faviorate . Best Wishes

Allison Payne
The model is obviously beautiful but this shot isn't about her beauty. Instead it focuses on her vulnerability. Nicely done.

Katya Lin
7/7 Very beautiful!

Mohsen Nafar
Very nice. well done.

Chris Kolaczan
This one has popped up (again) on the front page. Absolutely spectacular. Beautiful model, wonderful light. Just everything is perfect in this one. I strongly disagree with the comments suggesting the soft focus. I could get lost in the details of this image for a long time. I've become a big fan of your lighting techniques. Well done.

Eduardo Salas
Hermosa !!!

Beautiful composition, B&W tones and of course, the model. Contrats. It's one of my favorites. Thanks.

Janosch Simon
"Relax" Best regards Janosch www.jsfotografie.de

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